Doing a Road Trip Out of Detroit: Why NYC Should Be on Your Destination List

Doing a Road Trip Out Of Detroit: Why NYC Should Be On Your Destination List

Detroit is a wonderful city but sometimes it’s nice to get away and spend some quality time together with the kids, so why not a road trip?! Detroiters are within touching distance of major cities in
Canada such as Montreal, Toronto, and Chatham. We have plenty of great American cities on the horizon too such as Chicago, Cleveland, and New York City.

New York City is certainly one of the most popular hotspots in the United States. Millions of
tourists flock to NYC each year to immerse themselves in this marvelous, bustling city.

Once in NYC, you can think about what you would like to see. This could be a Broadway show, or you
may want to explore the world-famous Central Park. Perhaps you like the idea of shopping
in Times Square? Whatever is on the agenda, here is why NYC should be on your destination list for
your road trip departing from Detroit.

NYC Can Be Reached From Lots Of Places
When planning your road trip, a trip to NYC should be a stopping point as it can be
reached from many different surrounding destinations. You could go directly there from Detroit, or
you could visit another city first on the way, before catching a bus to NYC. From Detroit, you could
visit Montreal first, as there are lots of things to see here. Once you have seen everything you want
to see in Montreal, you will be able to easily get a bus to NYC. You can use services online such as
Wanderu, which sell Montreal to New York bus tickets. This can be useful to your vacation planning
and can help you get to NYC while seeing some of Montreal.

You Can Visit Broadway
Calling the theater lovers! If you’ve never been to or seen a Broadway musical show, you’re
definitely missing out. NYC is bursting at the seams with Broadway shows that offer top-of-the-range
production and a spectacle that is certainly a feast for the eyes. Some of the most popular Broadway
shows in NYC at the moment include Hamilton, The Book of Mormon, Harry Potter and the Cursed
Child, and A Strange Loop. To avoid disappointment and ensure you get a good spot in the theater,
it’s wise to book your tickets in advance. You will find a range of shows here that you may not be
able to see in the Detroit theaters.

You Can Stroll Around Central Park

If the weather is nice and you don’t mind walking, you must pay a visit to Central Park. After all, it’s
arguably the most famous outdoor space in the entire United States! While there are parks in
Detroit, they just aren’t as iconic as Central Park. Central Park is more than just greenery and stunning
scenery. There are lots of attractions that you can find there too. These include Belvedere Castle,
Bethesda Foundation, and Central Park Zoo. You can spend your whole day walking around Central
Park and still have more to see!

Times Square is Iconic
One thing we commonly think of when New York City springs to mind is Times Square. We’ve all
seen photos of the skyscrapers and glittering billboards that are synonymous with Times Square.
Now you’ve got an NYC trip coming up, why not stop looking at photos and be at Times Square in
person! There is more to see than just pretty lights there. In fact, you’ll find plenty of shops where you can indulge in a bit of retail therapy, and trust me New York is the place to shop! Just make sure to take a moment to really soak up the cultural and commercial heart of the city. You’ll even see street performers at Times Square who are out of this world!

NYC Can Be Seen from Above

It’s one thing taking in the views of NYC from ground level. It’s a whole other story checking out the
views from high above. If you haven’t got a fear of heights and really want the full NYC experience,
it’s time to channel your focus on heading to the Empire State Building. There, you can go all the way
to the top and view panoramic views of the bustling city below. Whether you go first thing in the
morning or when the sun goes down, prepare to be amazed at the breathtaking views all around
you. Make sure your smartphone is fully charged to take some mesmerizing snaps too!

There are Iconic Museums
For those wanting to dive into NYC’s history, you’re in luck. The city is full of museums! From the
Metropolitan Museum of Art to the National September 11 Memorial, there are many museums you
can visit that will teach you so much more about this fascinating city and how it’s come to be one of
the most visited spots in America. To avoid disappointment, make sure to check the opening times
for any museum, you wish to go to.

Even if you only do one of the above, we can guarantee you’ll return home to Detroit with fond
memories of New York City. The sky truly is the limit in regard to things you can do in NYC. Filling
your itinerary and checking out the top attractions is key for getting the most out of your visit and the kids will have fun memories and stories to share as well!

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