Shortcuts for Getting Out the Door Quicker

Shortcuts for Getting Out the Door Quicker

We’ve all been there—it’s Monday morning, the alarm goes off, and you have too many things to do before leaving for work. Luckily, there are plenty of shortcuts for getting out the door quicker.

Shower at Night

Do you turn into a slow-motion zombie the second you enter the shower in the morning? If so, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Instead of wasting time showering in the morning, try showering at night instead.

The Advantages of Showering at Night

Showering at night saves lots of time, especially if you tend to take longer showers. You can use those precious extra minutes to make your commute to work easier and more stress-free.

Have Breakfast at Work

Preparing a large breakfast at home is great—on the weekends. On a workday, it’s a waste of time. You won’t enjoy your meal if you’re in a rush, and you create dirty dishes that you’ll need to clean later. Rather than putting on your chef’s hat first thing in the morning, make breakfast at night.

Make Breakfast the Night Before

It takes a bit more planning for your grocery list, but making breakfast at night and storing it in the fridge will enable you to take your food to work with you. If your office doesn’t have coffee available, invest in a thermos for coffee on the go.

Pick Your Outfits in Advance

Getting dressed is another task you can take care of the evening before. Picking what you’ll wear in advance will help you save time in the morning.

Lay Out Your Options the Night Before

This is a crucial tip if you tend to take a long time deciding what to wear each day. Debating the pros and cons of each outfit is something best done in the evening and not when you’re in a rush.

Also, go with outfits that are easy to put on in the morning. Wearing a jumpsuit is a great choice here, as they look stylish and are effortless to wear.

Don’t Look at Social Media

Disappearing down the rabbit hole of social media is a notorious time-waster. If you have a habit of checking your phone as soon as you wake up, save it for later.

Put Your Phone in Your Bag and Leave It There

Leave your phone alone until you’ve left the house. If your car has Bluetooth, pair it with your phone to make hands-free calls, if you must. Some Bluetooth car systems will read texts to you upon voice command.

Those are our top shortcuts for getting out the door quicker. By following these tips, you’ll shave tons of time off your morning routine. That way, you’ll get to work on time and won’t have to stress about it.

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