The Best Toys To Give Toddlers at Christmas

As your child begins to explore the world around them and interact with their belongings, it’s hard to decipher what they will and won’t benefit from the most. Spoiling our children is inevitable, but we want to ensure they learn something from the toys we buy. Here is an excellent list of the best toys to give a toddler at Christmas to contribute to development and engagement.


Perhaps a musical toy is not for you if you like a quiet home. But one of the best ways to promote creativity with the senses is with a xylophone.

Most xylophones offer a color spectrum for the drums to hit, with each one offering a different tone. Your toddler can learn to repeat sounds and create their own to stimulate self-expression and gross and fine motor skills.

Musical Play

Musical play can provide children with the ability to improve memory and enhance overall brain function. Other things that make great gifts include a drum set or a piano.

Pretend Play Interactive Centers

One of the best toys to give a toddler at Christmas is an activity center that encourages pretend play. This can be anything from a kitchenette to a dollhouse. Pretend play is the fastest way to promote creativity and imagination. Another helpful tip for parenting a toddler is that an activity center can limit the number of toys you have, which cuts down overall clutter.

Imagination Building

Building an imagination from a young age can help toddlers build confidence and enhance their problem-solving abilities. These two skills become a significant part of everyday life as they grow.

Peg Puzzles

A peg puzzle can contribute to several things from an early age. Your child becomes a toddler at 12 months old, but they are still developing their hand-eye coordination at this age.

Offering a puzzle will help them connect what they see and where to direct their hands. This is also a great way to develop the pincher grasp further, as they can grab the peg to move the pieces.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is a three-step process and is vital for development. The eyes identify the task, the brain processes the task and signals instructions to the body, and the hands follow these instructions.

Building Blocks

An essential item for your toddler is a set of building blocks. As soon as they can grasp objects is the best time to introduce blocks. They promote creative play, and they learn to share and take turns when playing with other children.

Communication Skills

Toddlers learn communication skills and how to express their feelings while playing with other children. In the case of someone not sharing, this allows a child to communicate how they feel and what they need.

Christmas is a big deal when your children are toddler-aged, as that’s when expressions and excitement are at an all-time high. Try not to overthink what to gift them. A good rule of thumb is to think about their overall developmental needs if you feel they already have it all. Happy holidays, parents!

Photo – Kristina Paukshtite

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