Inexpensive Things To Do at Home With Your Kids This Winter

Inexpensive Things To Do at Home With Your Kids This Winter

As we get tossed into the middle of winter, it’s easy to wish you could jump forward in time to when you could just tell the kids to go play outside. Though you can say that now, it comes with a bit more prep and battle of having them stay bundled and not run outside in their pajamas.

So, what can be done this year so that everyone enjoys each day of the winter season without going a little wild in the process? Our solution is more planned activities that both you and the kids can look forward to. Need some ideas? Explore these inexpensive things to do at home with your kids this winter—you won’t regret it!

Cook Together

This is one of our favorite ways to get everyone together for fun! What’s the dish that the whole family loves? Why not make it together?

Try to stay patient throughout the process, and just know that a mess will happen. But the positives far outweigh the mess, especially since cooking is a problem-solving experience for kids!

Get Moving

Are your kids running around like a stampede in the afternoon? They need more active time! Sitting around inside is a surefire way to get some hyper, grumpy kids. But you can help!

When you’re doing your at-home workout, ask them to join you! There are tons of fun exercises and indoor activities that your kids will love. Here are a few:

  • Dance party
  • Jumping jacks
  • Yoga

Try Out Some Different Crafts

Crafting is a calming and inexpensive activity to do at home with your kids. Whether you craft with construction paper, some old fabric, pipe cleaners, or whatever’s on hand, you and your kids can create together. It’s a surefire way to connect, calm down hyper kids, and build long-lasting memories!

Schedule a Regular Game Night

Another wonderful way to build memories with your kids is by scheduling a regular game night. You could have it replace a movie night once a month, and instead of hardly talking to each other, you get to spend time teasing each other in good fun.

Luckily, there are more games out there apart from Monopoly now, so you won’t have to scare your kids off from game playing forever!

Education Time

Now, this one may get a groan out of your kids at first, but soon they’ll see how fun it is. You can start it off—pick something you’re interested in, research it a bit, and then present. The presentation can include videos, charades, music, slideshows, and more.

The idea here is that everyone gets to learn about something that someone else in the family is interested in. Do this regularly, and it’ll become something you and the kids look forward to.

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