How to Calm Your Child Down After Losing a Game

How to Calm Your Child Down After Losing a Game

Competitive youth sports bring out the best in your children. However, they also may lead to unruly behavior that you need to try and control. Learn how to calm your child down after losing a game so that every game doesn’t feel cataclysmic.

Avoid the Negatives

Rather than dwell on the negatives of losing, focus on the positives that your child showcased throughout the game. It doesn’t even need to be an induvial achievement like hitting the ball hard or making a phenomenal defensive play.

Praise Their Efforts

Praise them for having a positive attitude, never giving up, and being an excellent teammate to illustrate that winning and personal success aren’t the only things that matter in youth sports.

Help Them Understand Their Emotions

Sometimes, it’s challenging for children to express how something makes them feel. They also might be confused about the feelings that they are experiencing. There is a fine line between being mad and disappointed, and it’s hard for kids to distinguish between the two emotions.

Find a Common Ground & Be Relatable

If your child states that they are mad that they lost the game, talk to them about it and understand their point of view. Empathize with your child to let them know it’s okay to be upset, but also explain that they will get another chance and that you are proud of them no matter what the scoreboard says.

Control Their Anger

One’s competitive nature heightens when it comes to sports, causing them to exemplify some bad behavior. Having a temper tantrum or throwing a piece of equipment aren’t things you want to see from your kid. Thus, it helps to control their anger management issues before they reach a tipping point.

Find Healthy Ways To Vent

Once again, it’s okay for your child to be upset. But when they destruct property, there is a more significant issue at play. These types of life lessons are valuable in the field of play and in other future experiences.

Win Gracefully

Being gracious and generous helps your child understand the importance of being a good sport when they experience defeat. No one likes a show-off or someone who brags about their triumphs, so teach them to enjoy victories genuinely.

Don’t Be Passive-Aggressive

Bear in mind that if they are too compassionate, they may seem passive-aggressive to their peers. Nevertheless, it’s better than going full Kenny Powers.

Don’t Let Them Win

One of the most important things you can do to your child is beat them in every activity you do. Hyperbole aside, it helps your children accept defeat when they have experienced losing firsthand. If you continuously let your child win, it instills in their mind that no other result matters.

Teach Them That Winning Isn’t Everything

Learning how to calm your child down after losing a game is an ambitious task for all parents. However, it’s well worth it to avoid the awkwardness of them becoming sore losers as they get older.

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