Getting Your Child Ready for Their First Sleepover

Getting Your Child Ready for Their First Sleepover

Your child’s first sleepover can be an exciting time for them and for you. Of course, if you’re hosting, you might not be as excited about having a bunch of kids over, so you’ll want to make sure you’re a good host. However, we want to focus today on the first time your kid goes to someone else’s house for a sleepover. You need to do certain things when getting your child ready for their first sleepover, and we’re here to ensure that both of you are ready.

Talk To Your Child About How They Feel

Even if your kid seems excited about the sleepover, they might have some worries deep down, so it’s a good idea to sit down with them and talk. They might try to keep their fears hidden, but we’re sure you know how to get them to open up. Once you do and they tell you what’s wrong, it’s time to put on your parenting hat and give them some reassurance.

For example, if your child has some sleepover anxiety, make sure you tailor your getting-ready process accordingly so that they will feel as ready as possible for this new experience. Doing so will better the chance of success.

Ask the Parents of the Friend Some Questions

You already know the basics for this step: sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, the works. There are some things that you might not have thought of, though. One of these things might be a couple of snacks. We’re sure their friend’s parents will feed them, but if your kid gets hungry late at night, they might not feel comfortable asking for more food.

If your child is worried about their night over at their friend’s house, now would be the time to call their parents to ask some questions. Once you have answers to all your kid’s questions, it’s time to ask some questions to ease your own worries. Your kid isn’t the only one who can have fears about this new experience. That’s why our article is secretly about getting yourself and your child ready for their first sleepover.

Pack Everything They Might Need

Another good thing to send them with is some games, whether they’re video games or tabletop ones. The last thing you’d want is for your kid to ask to come home because they’re bored.

Check In Every So Often

The best part of being a parent is that the fun doesn’t end when your child walks out the door. Sure, you’ll enjoy having some time to yourself, but you’ll still be worried about them in the back of your head. That’s why it’s good to check in on them every so often. Even if they don’t have any anxiety, it’ll help ease your mind to see how they’re doing. Just be sure not to call too often. Texting them is better so they won’t get as embarrassed.

Stay Up Later

Whatever you do, don’t go to bed early. Get some extra sleep the night before. You’ll need to be awake in case anything goes wrong late at night, and you need to go pick your child up. Chances are everything will go smoothly, but it’s a good idea to stay prepared for anything.

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