The Most Unhealthy Snacks for Your Kids

The Most Unhealthy Snacks for Your Kids

Children need a steady supply of nutritious foods to start healthy habits early. Unfortunately, the children’s snack market is saturated with unhealthy options that provide kids’ growing bodies with nothing but sugar, empty calories, and corn syrup. But, if you do your homework, you can keep the worst of that market away from your kids. All parents should be aware of the most unhealthy snacks for kids so that they can provide healthier alternatives.


Soda has been the scorn of health-conscious moms and dads for decades. Filled with sugar and caffeine, soft drinks can increase the likelihood of obesity and diabetes—not to mention its impact on dental health. Between its high sugar and acid levels, it can erode enamel, leading to a higher risk of cavities. One of the most unhealthy snacks for your kids, soda should only be a treat for special occasions.

Pre-Packaged Pastries

Aside from a small fraction of real fruit, sugary, pre-packaged pastries contain almost no nutritional value. Many contain high levels of sugar, corn syrup, preservatives, hydrogenated oil, and artificial flavors. These empty-calorie snacks could lead to cavities and diabetes, and the food preservatives can even harm the immune system.

Yogurt Tubes

Calling these snacks “yogurt” is almost dangerously misleading. While they are fermented milk products, they don’t contain the nutritional value we normally ascribe to the real protein-filled snack. Yogurt tubes are low in protein, low in vitamins, and moderate to high in sugar. If you’re looking to feed your children an actually healthy snack, giving them regular old yogurt or fruit is a better idea.

Excessive Peanut Butter

This one comes with a caveat. Organic peanut butter is full of fiber, unsaturated fats, and protein. The popular inorganic brands, however, may contain high portions of saturated fats, which can cause heart problems for kids in the future.

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