Different Compromises You Can Make With Your Children

Different Compromises You Can Make With Your Children

As much as we’d like for the reason “because I said so” to work from now until the end of time, the fact of the matter is that kids need a good reason to comply with certain requests. It’s how most of the real world works anyway, so teaching your child how to compromise at an early age will help them develop into a more rational adult. In order to help you start doing this with them, we’ve made a list of different compromises you can make with your children that will benefit you both in the long run.


These are by far some of the most challenging tasks to get your child to do. Chores aren’t fun, so most kids have zero interest in doing them. That’s why you need to compromise with them. Simply getting mad at them for not doing their chores when they’re told isn’t going to fix the issue.

Try to set up a fair reward system for them. If your child completes all their chores, give them something that they will enjoy. If they do them without complaining or putting it off till the last minute, provide them with a bonus. Rewards such as a sweet treat or more time to play Fortnite might be just the thing to get them to comply with what you’re asking of them. If your kids are older and can’t be swayed by small treats, offer them an allowance. Regardless of your technique, these compromises will help instill a work ethic in your child and prepare them for their first job once they’re old enough to get one.

Smart Devices

All young kids are asking for a smartphone for Christmas these days. It’s totally understandable if you think your child isn’t old enough for one yet, but if you can’t seem to get them to change their minds, you can make some compromises with them.

For instance, you could get them a smart device that doesn’t have a mobile plan if you don’t want them to be able to make calls or send texts quite yet. If you do get them an actual phone or smartwatch, tell them they can only have it if they allow you to monitor their activity on it. There are even smartwatches on the market that have this capability and others built into the device.


A child’s friends become very important to them at a younger age, which is great for their social development. However, it can be a bad thing if they spend too much time with their buddies.

Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t let them go see their friends, but if they want to go over to a friend’s house, a compromise you can make with your children is to have them finish their homework before they can go play. That way, they will be done with everything they need to do for the day before leaving your house. If your child says they are going to work on their homework with their friend and insists on doing so, you should still let them, but make it clear that if their homework doesn’t get done, they won’t be allowed to do that again. They should understand the consequences and be willing to work with you on it.

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