Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning Safety

Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning Safety

Every day we need to be mindful when we are doing household chores, especially when it comes to the annual spring cleaning. Still, when you start tearing the house apart for spring cleaning, especially with all the equipment and supplies out, it’s doubly important to keep safety measures in mind. Here are some helpful tips for spring cleaning safety that you might not have considered.

Do Not Rush

This is the most basic safety tip, and all others stem from this one to a certain degree. Spring cleaning can be strenuous. Remember to be safe even if you’ve worked all day. The better thing to do is stop and take a break if you’re exhausted, drink a glass of water, or sit near a fan to cool off. Rest instead of being unsafe.

Large Pieces of Furniture

Use proper lifting techniques when moving heavy objects. Lift with your legs, not your back. Also, wear shoes when moving heavy items so you don’t hurt your toes. Finally, if something is too heavy and you can’t find anyone to help, simply don’t move it until you can get assistance.

Ladders and Step Stools

Use extreme caution while on a ladder. Don’t lean too far off it. Also, have someone available to hold the ladder steady if possible. Make sure the rungs aren’t wet. You should also wear non-skid shoes to prevent you from falling off.

Be Careful on Wet Services

Everyone knows how easy it is to slip on a wet floor. Make sure you take precautions from falling and warn the family of any wet floors. You may need to block small children from accessing them with baby gates or something similar.

Stairways and Landings

Spring cleaning is a great time to declutter your home, but you need to make sure all the boxes and bags you’re discarding don’t cause any safety concerns. Make sure to place them outside walkways and especially away from stairs.

Not Too Much Stuff at Once

When cleaning—if you live in a house that has stairs—you’re most likely going to carry many objects up and down the stairs. Make sure you keep a hand free to hold onto the railing. Also, make sure you can see over the load you are carrying so you don’t trip.

Cleaning Supply Recommendations

Ensure you get some fresh air by opening windows, turning on the exhaust fan, or placing a fan in the room. Also, don’t mix bleach and ammonia; they create toxic fumes when combines. When in doubt, don’t mix. Try to use one product.

Spring cleaning can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Buying your cleaning supplies online can prevent you from making multiple trips to the store for the correct products, as well as save you from being aggravated. By following these helpful tips for spring cleaning safety, you’ll be able to turn your house into a vibrant, clean home that will last all summer long.

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Karen Roedding
Karen Roedding
2 years ago

Great tips, Mallory!