Creative Ideas for Repurposing Old Furniture

Creative Ideas for Repurposing Old Furniture

There is no need to part with grandma’s old hutch or that cool door you found at a flea market. Dust them off and use these creative ideas for repurposing old furniture to give them new life.


Hutch lovers wish they could squeeze a dozen old hutches into every corner of their houses. Hutches not only bring a nostalgic feeling of simpler times, but they also offer extra storage space, which makes them perfect for repurposing.

Turn an old hutch into a bar by filling the shelves with your liquor collection and drinking glasses. The drawers and cabinets are perfect for storing other barware such as napkins, toothpicks, and a drink shaker.

Add some decorative hardware to the drawers and cabinet doors to make the hutch useful and unique.

Card Catalogs

Remember the days of sifting through card catalogs at the school library? Now you can reminisce as you fill those long drawers with craft supplies, or you can turn it into a coffee table and use all those drawers for card games and remote controls.


Trunks have spanned the ages. Once used instead of suitcases when traveling rather, trunks are still used in homes everywhere because of their many uses. Clean out an old trunk and reline the inside with a pretty material to use it for blanket storage at the end of a bed.

Trunks also make excellent coffee tables if they have a flat top. Fill the inside with blankets for chilly nights and games for game night.

Wooden Doors

Old wooden doors with chipped paint remind us of a charming cottage or farmhouse. Put them to use to make a great conversation piece. Prop a beautiful old door against a wall and hang your favorite photos on it. Or sand it until smooth, add a couple of coats of varnish, and attach the door to some legs to create a really cool table.

Wooden Crates and Boxes

The possibilities are endless with these old, reliable boxes and crates. If the crates have the name of an old company painted on them, that’s even better.

Who doesn’t need more storage? Toys, books, blankets, or anything you can think of all look great when stored in a rustic box or crate. Stack them next to a living room chair and use them as an end table or flip them over to store magazines.

Using creative ideas for repurposing old furniture keeps nostalgia alive and the home cozy.

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