Things To Consider Before Choosing Cleaning Products
cleaning products

Things To Consider Before Choosing Cleaning Products

You want your home to be clean, especially during the pandemic. You also want to make sure the solutions and techniques you’re using are the most appropriate to keep your family safe and your house intact. Here are a few things to consider before choosing cleaning products. 

Chemical Safety

Knowing which household cleaning chemicals can be mixed and which release harmful gases when combined doesn’t come second nature to most people. It’s essential to educate yourself on the supplies you use. For example, you cannot use bleach and ammonia together. Mixing them creates a deadly gas called chloramine. Similarly, a mixture of bleach and dish soap produces another toxic combination.

When it comes to harsh cleaning agents, do your research. You want to ensure dangerous fumes aren’t polluting the air in your home. Be sure to protect your eyes, skin, and respiratory system when using strong chemicals to clean. Just because you can’t see a gas doesn’t mean you’re not breathing it.

If you’re looking for a gentler option for cleaning that’s better for you and your drainage systems alike, consider green products. Every year, eco-friendly companies find ways to offer cleaning products that are safer to use in households while still giving them deep cleans. Moreover, vinegar is a natural astringent that doesn’t get enough credit as a viable mode of safely getting the clean you want.   

Microbial Safety

Of course, when you use cleaning products—harsh or not—what you’re really going for is eliminating harmful germs and bacteria inside your home. Understanding the most-forgotten spots in your home will help you get a better allover clean. When bleach-type products are necessary, try to use them sparingly in only the most necessary areas. Leave the rest of the cleaning to safer products.

Product Compatibility Safety

Another large part of cleaning your home is knowing what products are best to use on different materials. Many products cater to the specific needs of surfaces made of stainless steel, granite, glass, or hardwood. Using the proper products in these areas of your home will allow them to look and be clean while allowing them to last.

When you don’t use glass- or stainless steel-appropriate cleaners, streaks will leave a lot of evidence behind. Hardwood flooring is beautiful and low maintenance, but it’s also sensitive. You want to make sure you’re not oversaturating it when cleaning. Using specific products such as Bona products for hardwood will ensure your solid-surface flooring lasts as long as possible while remaining clean.

There’s much to consider before choosing cleaning products for your home and family. Understanding the dangers to your health and to the surfaces in your home will allow you to make more educated decisions when selecting products and techniques. The Internet is a powerful tool. If at any time you’re unsure about chemical mixtures or what to use in certain areas, it’s worth a quick type in the search bar.

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11 months ago

Thank you for bringing it up! I want to add something about drains cleaners. Some commercial drains cleaners are so harsh that they can even corrode the pipes. That’s not even to mention the danger they pose to health.

Regina T.
Regina T.
11 months ago

Thank you for sharing such helpful info! You can also protect yourself from poisoning by dangerous gases by installing HEPA filters in your air conditioner. These filters offer adequate filtration and remove common contaminants such as pollen, mold spores, dust, pet dander, and noxious by-products of household chemicals.