Tips for Writing a Memorable Thank-You Note for a Gift

Tips for Writing a Memorable Thank-You Note for a Gift

Gratitude is good for you! Research has shown that people who express gratitude are happier, healthier, and more optimistic. One experiment specifically showed that people who wrote and personally delivered notes to thank people for their kindness experienced a huge spike in happiness scores. The effect lasted for months. Use these tips for writing a memorable thank-you note to make your day—and someone else’s, too.

Put “Thank You” in Your First Line

After your salutation, which can be formal for someone you don’t know well or casual and chatty for a good friend, dive right in and put the words “thank you” in your first line. Be specific: identify the gift that you’re writing about. “Thank you so much for the lovely sweater!” is better than “thanks for the gift.”

Personalize Your Gratitude

The next section of your thank-you note should give a personal detail about why you are so grateful for the gift. Mention the need it fills, the convenience it provides, or the beauty it adds to your life. Also, describe the gift in terms of the impact the giver has in your life. “I needed a good read so badly! You know me so well—I’m so grateful to have a friend like you! I’m diving into the book right now!”

Events and Gift Cards

Guests who make a special effort to come to an event that you plan deserve thanks for that effort. Use your thank-you note to tell them how much it meant to you that they were there. If you’ve received a gift card or check, tell the giver exactly how you plan to, or have, spent it and how grateful you are that you were able to use it to buy something you’ve needed or wanted.

Include a Forward-Looking Thought

Let your gift giver know that you are looking forward to seeing them someday soon to catch up on how things are going in their life. In 2020, it wasn’t practical to say, “Let’s have lunch!” when restaurants were closed and social distancing necessary. Don’t defy reality—just say, “I’ll call soon, just to chat!” or something similar.

Write and Sign It by Hand

After the pandemic of 2020, everyone has had quite enough of emails, texts, and screen time. Choose a writing instrument that makes it easy for you to produce your best penmanship, and take your time. Neatness counts! Make sure your signature is legible, and the note doesn’t look sloppy or hastily written.

Writing a memorable thank-you note is easy if you write from the heart, demonstrate true gratitude, and show the giver the impact their thoughtfulness has had.

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