The Best DIY Projects For Moms

The Best DIY Projects For Moms

If you’ve used up all your rainy-day activities, it’s time to take your crafting to the next level. Why is it always about the kids? These are some of the best DIY projects for moms—because they benefit you, too, and can even save you money.

Craft Ornaments for All

The holidays are upon us, and here you are with your very own elves. Enlist the kids to help you make ornaments—not just those cutesy ones that you can tell a child made in art class, but legitimately attractive ones that adults would voluntarily hang on their trees. It will save you the time you ordinarily spend running around and buying last-minute add-ons for larger gifts and little trinkets you tend to give to the more peripheral people in your life. There are plenty of kid-proof crafts that could pass for handmade Etsy pieces. Kids are great at covering balls in washi tape, sprinkling glitter on pine cones, and filling transparent balls with faux snow, miniatures, and greenery.

Make Your Own Makeup

There’s no downside to this DIY trend. You may want to make your own makeup with all-natural ingredients, formulate something that’s better for your skin, customize products for your coloring, or help you teach chemistry to the kids. You can find all-in-one kits to get you started, or you can at least find enough supplies around your house for Vaseline-based lip balm using kitchen basics. If your little ones appreciate glamor, it’s not hard to show them how to make lip gloss, which you can customize with color, flavor, and sparkle. Bonus: If you can create alternatives to high-end products, there’s no telling how much money you can save. You might even want to try selling your cosmetics online.

Decorate the House and Yourself

How often do you flip through high-end décor catalogs and think, “I could make that myself”? We’ve got news for you: Your children could, too. Add some pizzazz around the house with projects that satisfy your inner decorator. You can finally find the time for them and keep a watchful eye over your assistants as they Mod-Podge tissue paper votives, assemble designs for mosaic frames, help you string sparkly, beaded keychains and napkin rings, and more. If they have a knack with beads, channel their energies into making jewelry worthy of an art fair.

You do everything with your kids, so why not use your time together strategically? The best DIY projects for moms are the ones that actually indulge your creative impulses—and wear out the kids at the same time.

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