Why Fall Is the Best Time To Do Renovations

Why Fall Is the Best Time To Do Renovations

Fall is the best season of the year to turn your renovation dreams into a reality. Many people mistake summer for the best season to start home projects, but fall is truly the best time to start your remodel. Here are a few reasons why fall is the best time to do renovations.


In the summer, your kiddos have free-range to roam the house all day long. For contractors, this can make completing your renovations in a timely manner difficult. Family members walking in and out of the kitchen for snacks or lunch can seriously slow down projects like remodeling your kitchen with cabinet refacing and adding new flooring. When your kids return to school in the fall, the house will be empty, allowing the contractors to work uninterrupted.

Warm, But Not Too Warm Weather

Most people choose to do renovations in the summer to avoid contractors moving in and out of the house in cold weather, compromising insulation and dragging in messy, snowy slosh. However, summer renovations mean you’ll have to turn up the air conditioning to accommodate the extra people in your house. You’ll likely waste energy and money on the extra air conditioning, especially with workers coming in and out with supplies. 

Fall weather is comfortable enough that you can leave both the air conditioning and heat off without being too hot or too cold. Workers will be comfortable in your home, and you won’t have to dish out any extra money to heat or cool your house. 

The Seasonal Lull

Since summer is the peak season for renovations, many contractors experience a lull in the fall. Luckily, this means their schedules will be more flexible, and materials for projects will be cheaper, too. 

Holiday Season Prep

Renovating in the fall means your remodel will be complete before the holiday season. If you plan to host any holiday gatherings at your home, you’ll have a new remodel to show off to guests. 

Forget renovating in the summer; these reasons why fall is the best time to do renovations will encourage you to book that kitchen remodel in October. 

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