Reasons Why You’re Bad at Gift-Giving

Reasons Why You’re Bad at Gift-Giving

There are several common pitfalls of gift-giving that you might fall into. Perhaps bad experiences made you think you’re a naturally bad gifter, but there is hope. To help you navigate the landmine of holidays and birthdays, read this guide to why you’re bad at gift-giving.

You Don’t Make It Personal

Gifting without thinking about the person you’re buying for is the first pitfall. Beyond considering some surface-level association you have with the person—their love of dogs or their favorite color—consider what they value. Taking this extra time will guide your gifting process, making it more meaningful for your recipient. If you do this routinely for everyone, you’ll realize just why it’s always better to give personalized gifts.

As you consider what to get them, stay open to using your talents and/or time to make or modify a gift yourself. This is the surest way to give a completely personal gift, one you can engineer to fit many different purposes.

You Get Too Cute With It

Though there’s a lot you can think about when it comes to gifts, some people outthink themselves when shopping or creating something. Often, your recipient will enjoy a gift they mentioned wanting more than a gift that satisfies your desire to seem really thoughtful. If you stress too much about gifts, make peace with the fact that your recipient will enjoy different kinds of gifts and pull the trigger on something, even if it doesn’t seem creative.

You Buy at the Last Minute

Another reason why you’re bad at gift-giving is you don’t give yourself time to actually shop. Wasting time and buying something last-minute drastically limits your gifting options, which your recipient may realize when they open it. If you struggle with this, give yourself an artificial deadline that you must purchase a gift by so your options are wider than a gift card from your local pharmacy. Giving yourself a deadline also helps with unpredictable shipping dates if you’re ordering online.

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