The 4 Main Areas of Your Life You Need to Organize

Organization is an important way to reduce stress in your life. As mommas, we’re pretty consistently stressed, what with trying to figure out the best ways to help our children grow into wonderful adults and how to maintain our relationships. Because of all that, our own health tends to fall to the wayside. Take control of your health and overall wellbeing by starting small—focus on getting organized. To help you out, we’ve listed the main areas of your life you need to organize. As they say, a tidy space is a tidy mind!

Your Car

The car is a great place to look to understand your overall efficiency and organization. If your car is a mess, then there’s a high chance that other areas of your life are messy as well. As we said, however, start small and take control of the clutter—clean out the car. Especially since winter has made its way out, the frigid air is no longer an excuse. Thirty minutes (if it’s really messy) is all it should take to clean it out. Vacuum rugs if you haven’t in a while, and then get a car wash. Cleaning will make you feel quite productive.

Your Workspace

Another space that’s probably adding more tension and anxiety than it should is your workspace. If you’re working in an untidy space, then you probably won’t feel fully productive. Start your day on a good note and walk into a workspace that’s clean and organized. Rid clutter from the top of the desk first; that’ll give yourself room to get work done. The less clutter, the more productive you’ll be!

Your Finances

Now, this is probably a bigger project for most to take on, but it’s incredibly important for both your sanity and for your future. When it comes to organizing your finances, there are a few different ways you can stay organized. For example, if you don’t have a budget yet, then that needs to happen. If your paper clutter is full of bills unpaid, then you need to sort through and figure out which need to be paid and which are garbage. If that stresses you out, simply start small. Make sure your purse is organized and then go from there!

Your Closet

If your closet has clothes strewn about, then there’s a high chance you’re not giving enough time to yourself and your own chores. You may care about your kids’ rooms staying clean, but if your closet is a mess, then the chances are slim that they’ll keep their clothes organized. Spend a day with the kids going through clothes—decide which to keep and which to recycle. Those clothing donations are a great way to teach children about the important reasons to recycle clothes. Not to mention, you’ll feel better when you get dressed each day!

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