How to Keep Your House Clean With Minimal Effort
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How to Keep Your House Clean With Minimal Effort

There are very few people who hold the act of cleaning as enjoyable in itself. However, you might constantly find yourself trying to keep up with the mess that seems to rise up instantaneously in the wake of your kids’ daily activities. On top of this, you still need to do regular cleaning in your home, making it difficult to maintain order. If you’re faced with this problem, put into practice these recommendations on how to keep your house clean with minimal effort.

Combine Storage and Décor

When things don’t have a place to go, it’s much easier for them to stay out, scattered on the floor or on tabletops. A way you can make cleanup easier is to incorporate storage into the outward décor. In the kids’ rooms, you could have a shelf with bins that they can easily throw their toys and belongings in when they’re done playing. Large baskets also work well for both the children’s things and your own items in the living room. Find baskets that match the color scheme of your other decorations so that they blend well and become a contributing part of the look. Additionally, you could find furniture that incorporates storage, such as a coffee table with space underneath for storing items.

Divide and Conquer

Instead of letting the load of cleaning fall on only one person, divide up the responsibility among family members. You might have each child be in charge of tidying up their own room while you do the same for yours and the living room. Besides picking up and putting away belongings, each person can do a quick dusting of surfaces. You could rotate the sweeping and vacuuming among family members as well, depending on how old the kids are.

Even smaller tasks, such as cleaning the dining table and kitchen, can be split up among the family to lighten the burden on any one person. For example, one person could be in charge of washing the dishes, while another puts plates, cups, and utensils back in cabinets afterward.

Increase Frequency to Decrease Magnitude

Don’t wait for long periods of time to clean large areas of your home. Instead, make cleaning a regular activity. This will make cleaning feel less substantial since huge amounts of dust or grime won’t build up and create a big chore for you to tackle on a weekend. Dust, vacuum, and sweep every week or every couple of weeks. In the kitchen and restrooms, take care of dirtiness as you see it. Don’t allow the sink and tub to get covered in mold before you take action. If you don’t deal with these problems as you see them, they can quickly worsen and become a serious risk to people living in the house. Mold can actually cause people to experience health issues, so it’s important to clean regularly. If you haven’t cleaned your bathroom for a while and the mold has gotten worse, it might be worth trying to find some mold removal services Calgary, if you live in that area, to help you remove the mold for good. This should freshen the house and make the bathroom much safer. Additionally, take care of the area rug in your living room by shaking it off and vacuuming it every now and then and dealing with spills immediately. Through all these little efforts, the appearance of your home will never have the chance to deteriorate into a state you wouldn’t want a guest to witness.

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Happy Hiller
Happy Hiller
4 months ago

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