Uses for Aesthetic Skincare Lasers

Uses For Aesthetic Skincare Lasers

Lasers are constantly in the spotlight. They are touted as the power hitters of the clinical skincare world. Known for their power, precision, and versatility, they attract skincare patients on a daily basis. Patients will need to consult with a registered dermatologist first, like these London dermatologists, so they can see if their skin is right to use this type of skincare therapy.

However, understanding exactly what a laser is capable of doing is important before you run right out and sign up for a procedure. Here are some uses for aesthetic skincare lasers.

Catching Up from Lack of Concern

Life gets busy for all of us. It is easy to prioritize other things over your skin health, especially when the outside of your skin looks fine. However, sun, weather, airborne pollutants, and internal influences all catch up to you eventually. When they do, you need to do some catching up yourself in the area of skincare. Lasers can help you do exactly that.

Fixing the Damage You Did to Yourself

Lasers can also often correct skin problems that you have brought upon yourself. For example, greasy foods can cause acne outbreaks. Smoking can cause sunken wrinkles and sagging skin. Lack of exercise, poor diet, not getting enough sleep, and not removing make-up properly can also also create problems only clinical methods like the use of powerful aesthetics equipment can fix. The good news is that such fixes do exist. Therefore, you never have to give up on repairing your skin.

Making Up for Genetics and Natural Processes

Another reason exploring laser treatment is sometimes unavoidable is that even the best skincare routine is not infallible. Thanks to genetics and natural processes, you are already several steps behind Mother Nature from the get go. For example, hormones that make your skin look extra bright and healthy when you are young are not produced in the same amounts when you get old. Also, genetics play a role. If members of your family have certain skin conditions, you might develop them no matter
how vigilant you are.

The Reasons for Skin Damage Do Not Matter

It is certainly important to recognize and correct flaws in your skincare practices. However, when it comes down to it, a laser does not care why your skin was damaged. It can repair damaged caused for all of the above reasons and more. The laser beam is capable of using its heat and light to not only eliminate problems you can see but also reverse damage that is lurking underneath one or more skin layers.

A Quick Overview of Laser Types

Lasers are often categorized as ablative or non-ablative. That means treating the part of your skin you see (ablative) or the part you do not see (non-ablative). However, in the laser world you have a lot more
than two options, especially recently. Today’s lasers include Fraxel, CO2, and Nd: YAG. The latter is particularly popular for its ability to safely treat darker skin. However, each laser has its own specializations and requirements for treatment candidacy. It is important to explore all of your options thoroughly before selecting one.

Should You Select a Laser Treatment at All

There is one final piece of advice to follow about laser treatment. That is, before you ever go through the process of selecting a laser treatment, you must decide if you should select one at all. Do not limit yourself to only exploring the advantages of laser procedures. You may find out laser treatment does not work in your case or something else may have worked better. For example, those with oily skin often foregoes laser treatment due to possible risks of burns.

Take the time to look at all clinical skincare procedures before narrowing down the field.

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