Detroit Mommies What To Pack For Your Next Cruise

Heading On a Cruise? We Have Some Great Tips On What To Pack!

Are you planning a cruise that will take you to beautiful destinations and warmer weather? There’s nothing like a relaxing vacation but be sure to pack everything you need or your trip might be a little less fun than expected. I’ve put together ten items that need to make their way into your suitcase. Check out the list below!

10 Must-Haves To Pack For Your Next Cruise

1. Power Strip with Surge Protector

We all travel with a ton of electronics! And, if you’re traveling with family, you’ll need a power strip for phone chargers, video games, camera chargers, etc.

2. Interchangeable Outfits

Packing a lot of clothes for a cruise isn’t necessary. Yes, you’ll need several different outfits so be smart and pack interchangeable items that can be worn more than once. For example, a black skirt can be worn with tennis shoes on an excursion, with a bathing suit at the pool and to dinner with a beautiful top and statement necklace.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must on and off the boat. Protect your skin every day and you’ll be sure to enjoy your adventures a lot more.

4. Medicine Kit

If you get sick on board, the cruise ship boutique will probably have over the counter medicines but you will pay an arm and a leg for them. Pack basics like cold medicine, aspirin, ibuprofen, seasickness protection, Vitamin C, and vitamins. Diarrhea medicines aren’t a bad idea either. Also, don’t forget to pack all of your prescription meds. You won’t have access to refill those once you’re on board.

5. Night Light

Cruise cabins have blackout drapes and the room is pitch black at night. It’s safer to have a nightlight near the bathroom entry so your family can find the restroom without getting hurt stubbing a toe or running into a wall while half asleep.

6. Walking Shoes

Each cruise excursion leads to sightseeing in new destinations and sometimes a lot of walking is needed. Be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes to avoid blisters and sore toes.

7. Dry Bag

Dry bags are important on any trip that involves water to keep your equipment and cell phones safe and dry. Dry bags are made out of waterproof material and have hefty seals so that they are watertight. A dry bag will ensure a dry cell phone and camera if canoeing, boating, beachin’, etc.

8. Backup Battery and Phone Charger

Be sure to bring extra batteries and a phone charger on your trip. There’s nothing like being on vacation and having no juice left in your camera or cell phone. That would be a bummer! Be sure to plan ahead so you can take pictures of your beautiful excursions and be able to call or text family members if needed.

9. Antibacterial Wipes

Cruise ships can be breeding grounds for the norovirus, flus, and colds and once you catch something, you’re cruise experience will be less than exciting. Bring your own antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer when you pack for your trip. The ship will have sanitizer available for free in several places but go the extra mile and wash hands and sanitize them over time.

10. Backpack or Beach Bag

One of the best parts of going on a cruise is stopping at new destinations and touring their most beautiful spots. Each stop might consist of shopping, hiking, going to the beach and/or touring museums and villages. Bring a backpack or beach bag with you and pack your sunscreen, chargers, towels, dry bag, hand sanitizer, etc., to make sure your excursions are as enjoyable as possible.

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