10 Simple Ways to Cut Calories

Losing weight is a difficult task for many, especially us Moms. There are days we eat the wrong foods because they are convenient and we are in a hurry. Then there are days where cakes and snacks are offered and you just can’t resist. We have plenty of opportunities to eat the wrong foods and before we know it, the scale will reflect our poor choices.

Life is full of opportunities and surprises and the idea of eating healthy can easily be pushed aside especially if we are loaded down with stress and busy schedules. It’s no secret we sometimes forget about taking care of ourselves.

We’ve put together ten simple ways to cut calories to help keep you in shape and healthy. Don’t worry, you can do this. We’ve got you!

10 Simple Ways To Cut Calories

1.Count Calories – One way to make sure you don’t eat too many calories is to count how many are in your foods and drinks and keep track of them. Use an app that will do the calculations for you to make it easier.

2. Use Less Sauce – Adding ketchup, mayonnaise or white sauces to your food can add more calories than you need. If you absolutely have to have it, use a very small amount and include it in your calorie count.

3. Don’t Drink Your Calories – Sugary drinks and alcoholic drinks add a lot of calories to your diet that you may not be aware of. Skip the drinks and stick to lemon or cucumber water if you would like to avoid extra calories.

4. Skip Having Seconds – Even if the meal is extra delicious, refrain from having seconds.

5. Drink a Glass of Water Before Every Meal – Drinking an 8 oz glass of water before each meal will help you fill up causing you to eat less food at mealtime.

6. Stay Away from Bread – When eating out, bread is typically served as soon as you sit down. Send the bread basket back to avoid eating unwanted calories. Save the calories for the main meal.

7. Replace Chips with Vegetables – Vegetables are filled with water and vitamins which are better for you than fatty potato chips. If you love chip and dip, replace the chips with vegetables to cut back on unwanted calories.

8. Get Enough Sleep – A good night’s sleep will leave you well rested and help you lose weight. It’s been proven that lack of sleep has been linked to obesity. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night at a minimum.

10. Eat Fruit – Fruits have plenty of fiber, vitamins, minerals, water, and antioxidants, making them a great choice for your diet. Fruits contain more nutrients than calories, plus they taste good! So, why wouldn’t you want to eat them?

There are plenty of fad diets out there that may help you lose weight fast but they leave you feeling deprived, crabby and hungry. Many experts say you can lose weight without going on a “diet.” The key is making the right choices from day to day and incorporating healthy eating habits into your lifestyle.

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