5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Hummus

Hummus is Good For You. Really Good For You.

Hummus is good for you. No, it really is. Hummus is so rich in protein, it can help you maintain your weight, fight hunger cravings and balance blood sugar levels. It could also help curb excessive snacking. And one thing people don’t talk much about or really know is the iron content in hummus helps boost energy in almost everybody!

If you still aren’t buying what I’m selling, I’ve put together five reasons why you should eat hummus.

1. Chickpeas Lower Cholesterol – In recent studies, it has been proven that people on a chickpea diet consume less fat and have a small reduction in cholesterol.

2. Hummus Comes in Many Awesome Flavors – You can never get bored with hummus because there are literally a ton of flavors for everyone including roasted red pepper, chipotle, spicy olive tapenade, spinach, artichoke, “luscious lemon”, plain, lime, garlic & herb and basil pesto. Those are easy to make on your own but there are some companies that make sweet potato, green chile lime, and Thai coconut curry hummus. The possibilities are endless!

3. Chickpeas May Help Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cancer – Foods that contain folate are known to reduce the risk of colorectal cancers and chickpeas contain folate. Enough said.

4. It Makes a Healthier Spread – During your next party or gathering, instead of the typical cream cheese on bagel slices or ranch chip dip, be different and try a yummy hummus dip or spread to encourage healthy eating with your guests.

5. It’s Easy to Make Hummus on Your Own – All you have to do is grab your food processor and add a can of chickpeas, a garlic clove, extra virgin olive oil, tahini, fresh lemon juice, a dash of pepper and ground cumin. Voila!

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