Blingsting Can Save Your Life

Have you ever walked to your car after leaving the mall at night feeling uncomfortable with being alone in the dark? Do you wish you had a device to call for help in case you were attacked? Personal alarms save people every day, and maybe it’s time you purchased one for a piece of mind and safety. You need to feel safe wherever you are, so investing in a personal alarm for when you are out and intrusion alarms for when you are at home, can help give you that peace you need when doing anything inside or outside the home.

Nowadays, personal alarms come as key chains or jewelry and are disguised in attractive ways, so the perpetrator doesn’t notice. From the appearance, they look like a normal keychain or bracelet, but you can activate them to make a very loud sound that will attract the attention of people around you and scare off your attacker.

Blingsting Ahh!-larm

Personal alarms are not only used by individuals who want to get themselves out of dangerous situations, but they can be used by elderly people who need medical attention as well. They can also be used by children who are in need of help.

Designed with the safety of individuals in mind, the Blingsting “Ahh!-Larm” in silver gemstone features a piercing 115 decibel alarm and LED safety light that can be activated with a push of a button during any threat of danger – whether you’re returning home from a late night out, or out for an early morning jog. The accessory easily clips on to a handbag, backpack or key chain. Blingsting Ahh!-larms come in colorful hearts and silver diamonds too!

Looking for more safety products? Check out for the following blinged out products:

  • Pepper Spray
  • Emergency Escape Hammers
  • Stun Guns
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