Allow Your Teen to Enjoy New Year’s Eve with These Helpful Tips

New Year's Eve Celebration Ideas for Teens

Help Your Teen Enjoy New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching and while you’re tying to make your own plans, you’re probably wondering what your teen should do for the evening too, am I right? Teens definitely want to celebrate New Year’s Eve but most want to celebrate with friends rather than family. Sad but true. Don’t take it personal, its just the age. They’re at an age where peers rank high when it comes to social acceptance and social gatherings. Here are some ideas for making this New Year’s Eve fun for your adolescent:

1. Ask Her/His Opinion:  Don’t just assume your teen knows what he/she wants to do just yet. It’s possible your teen would enjoy something that wouldn’t immediately come to mind. Ask what he/she would like to do for the evening and ask who they want to spend the special night with. Teens want to feel empowered like they are in charge of their own plans.  Just pay close attention and make sure their plans are safe and age appropriate before approving.

2. Throw the Party at Your House: The easiest way to make sure your teen stays safe on New Year’s Eve is to make sure he/she stays at home. To make this happen, offer to throw a NYE party for their closest friends. This allows you to keep a close eye on them.

3. Approve of Local Events: Do your homework and look for family friendly events in your community. You might find something you’d both enjoy, such as a fireworks display, the New Year’s “D” drop, an alcohol-free party, or an alcohol-free family festival.

4. Teen-Only Events: If your teen wants to ONLY be with friends on NYE, search for entertainment options at places like local skating rinks, bowling halls, and fun zones. Some of these places will host “lock-in” parties ensuring the kids are not on the roads and are in an age-appropriate environment serving age-appropriate drinks and snacks. LADYX

Do you have a fun New Year’s Eve idea for teens? Please share in the comments section below.  It takes a village, and we’d love to hear what your teen is doing this year!


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