The Best Disney Inspired Pumpkins for Your Own Not So Scary Halloween!

disney inspired no carve pumpkins

Design Your Own Disney Inspired No Carve Pumpkin or Find Inspiration Here

Halloween is just a few weeks away and while it can be scary for little kids, there are a lot of fun ways to get ready for the holiday that even the smallest kids will enjoy. There are a lot of fun pumpkin ideas out there, but we’re loving the trend of no carve pumpkins. That’s right – less mess (decorating may be a little messy) and no pumpkin guts all over the kitchen. But in the past couple of years, we’ve seen a trend in Disney themed pumpkins, some are simple designs, other are are masterpieces in artwork. With your kids you can turn your pumpkin into your own favorite character or movie scene – get creative and make your own designs. 

We’ve found a lot of different examples online but here are some of our favorites! What Disney inspired no carve pumpkin will you make this year? 


Lightning McQueen Races to Your Porch in this Adorable Design

We absolutely love how adorable this scene is and the use of a smaller pumpkin on top for the Piston Cup! Lightning McQueen, the crowd and other racers included. Now, this isn’t a quick painting but one that we can all easily recognize and enjoy. You know that you’re friends will be in awe of this design! 

Baymax Will Satisfy Your Easy Pumpkin Design Needs

Baymax Halloween Pumpkin
Baymax Halloween Pumpkin. Photo Credit: Amy from

We’d be lying if we said that Baymax wasn’t one of our favorite characters. He’s a walking embodiment of hugs, love and a giant fluffy marshmallow like character. And this is exactly why we love this tutorial from Amy at Now, her tutorial creates a wall decoration that is a Baymax inspired pumpkin, but we can see this easily turning into an easy painted pumpkin project as well! Two colors, easy design and you will have your own Baymax inspired pumpkin for your porch. 

Amy has a ton of different pumpkin ideas on her website, from poison (apple) pumpkins to Malificent and more. 

Mike Wazowski – A Not So Scary Monster!

Another not very complicated pumpkin design is Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. Only a few colors of paint and a simple design. He is the monster full of jokes and can’t scare kids. So this lovable design is perfect to put outside. Plus his bright colors will catch eyes as they go past your porch. He may be a monster, but he’s one that Boo and all the other kids just absolutely love. 

Add a Little Pixie Dust to Your Design

This one may be one of our absolute favorite designs. The blue paint brings the shadows of the city and Tinkerbell into full focus and there is a little bit of pixie dust coming from her wand. It’s a bit of of magic and a piece of artwork. It may take a bit longer when you’re painting this pumpkin, but it has all of the Disney magic right on display. 


Whatever your favorite Disney inspired no carve pumpkin is, each one can give you a little bit of magic to a sometimes scary holiday. Bring a little of magic, pixie dust and not so scary designs to your Halloween celebrations. 



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