How to Clean Out a Pumpkin Before Carving

carving pumpkins

Easy Steps to Cleaning Out a Pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin seems easy right? Well, it can be if you have the right knowledge and the right tools to clean out your pumpkin correctly first!  We have a few simple steps to share to make sure carving a pumpkin is full of fun and giggles. Careful, pumpkin guts may get on you!

    1. Inspect the Pumpkin for Rotten Spots. Do this before purchasing a pumpkin in the store, and check again before carving.  Dark spots, especially those that are soft, indicate rotting. 
    2. Scrub the Pumpkin with a Vegetable Brush. If you don’t have a vegetable brush, a clean cloth will do the job. 
    3. Rinse the Pumpkin Under Warm Water to Remove Dirt or Mud. Simply run the pumpkin under the faucet in your sink to remove dirt and mud. Then, pat dry. 
    4. Carve a Hole Around the Stem. Carving the top is the traditional method and the best method when you’re preparing your pumpkin for fun Halloween carving. Your opening should be big enough so you can easily reach inside the pumpkin to clean it out. Take a small pumpkin carving knife (these work the best) and gently cut around the stem. 
    5. Remove Seeds and Strings. A serrated spoon, such as a grapefruit spoon, works great to remove pumpkin seeds. You can also use an ice cream scoop or a large table spoon. Plan on using your hands too.  Once loose, grabbing the insides and pulling out the piles of seeds is going to be needed. Wear gloves to avoid orange nails and cuticles.
    6. Scrape Inside of Pumpkin.  Once all the insides are removed, scrape the inside of the pumpkin until clean and smooth.

Now that your pumpkin is clean, it’s ready to carve! Cook your seeds, get creative and carve a scary or happy face on your pumpkin and place it on the front porch with a lit candle.  Your trick-or-treaters will love it! Happy cleaning and carving!



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