Labor Day Safety Tips for Dogs

Safety Tips for Dogs on Labor Day

Let your Dog Celebrate Labor Day Safely

It’s true Summer is almost over but we still have plenty of nice days ahead and a big Labor Day weekend right around the corner so keeping our dogs safe outside is still important. Basking in the sun, swimming in the lake, going for boat rides and long walks, are all fun for us but for our dogs too! If you plan to take your pup on a mini vacation this weekend or on an outdoor picnic on Labor Day, we’ve put together some safety tips to ensure that safety is number one for our little friends.

  1. Stick to Dog Treats
    Giving dogs bones from your meal is tempting, especially while they are sitting there looking at you with those sad eyes. But bones can be life-threatening and extremely dangerous for dogs. For starters, gristle and fat should always be avoided and never given to your dog. Bones can splinter and break during chewing and they’re known for getting stuck in the esophagus or intestines causing life-threatening issues for the dog. Pack dog treats perfect for your dog’s diet and size and share during your meal or afterwards instead of giving a bone.
  2. Take your Pet with You
    We all know not to leave our kids in a hot car and the rule applies to pets too! Pets can easily develop heat stroke and suffocate in a car just like a child. If you have to take him with you, take him where ever you go as well. Don’t leave your pet in the car. If you’re going on a vacation for Labor Day, it might be worth looking at some Dog Friendly Retreats. That way, your dog can come along and enjoy the Labor Day celebrations with you!
  3. Make Sure Tags are on and Secure
    Dogs love going on outings with their owners. Be sure to make sure your dog’s tags are on and they are secure. In case they wonder off, you want to make sure who ever finds him/her can call you and make the happy return.
  4. Say No to Fireworks
    As people, we love a good fireworks show, but our dogs? Not a chance. Dogs are terrified of them. Some dogs can get so scared that they end up pooing more than usual. If your dog gets that stressed out by the fireworks, it can even lead to mild forms of diarrhea, this is when its best to consider visiting Pet Parents or a veterinary practice more local to you. The explosive sounds and flashes of light quickly scare dogs and will give them anxiety. Some might get so scared they run off and hide. That’s not a good way to end your night. Luckily, there are ways to help keep your dog calm, during these loud moments of celebration. CBD is known to help relieve anxiety and stress within humans, but did you know they can help do the same for dogs? You can Visit this website to learn all about it.
  5. Have Plenty of Water
    If you always keep a full bowl of water at home, then be sure to do it during your outing or travels. If playing outside more than usual or playing in the heat, or both, your dog will need to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Water cools them down too so don’t forget an extra bottle or two for your furry friend.
  6. Plan Ahead for Shade
    Fun in the sun is always a good idea for us and our dogs but too much sun can cause heat stroke. Plan a fun day outside but be sure breaks in the shade are incorporated into your day. Your dog will stay cool and happy causing you to stay cool and happy too!

There you have it. Six easy safety tips for you and your dog for Labor Day and Labor Day weekend. It’s the perfect occasion for everyone to enjoy the outdoors safely.

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