7 More Reasons to Love the Detroit Zoo

Things to do at the Detroit Zoo

Spend A Day at the Zoo for the Animals and a Lot More!

Visiting the Zoo is a part of childhood. It’s something we all love doing as kids, and we can even admit we love it as adults too. The animals are fascinating and we’re lucky enough we have one of the best in Metro-Detroit. The Detroit Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the nation and has paved the way through their updates and policies. They currently boast the World’s Largest Penguin Conservation Center, where you and your kids can get up close and personal with penguins. 

Planning a day at the zoo? We know the animals are fantastic and there is great food all around the park. But what are some of our other favorite (and little known) things that make your day easier at the zoo? 

Things to do at the Detroit Zoo

Take a Ride on the Train!

If you’re tired, have an injury or carrying a sleeping toddler the train will save the day. You can buy tickets for the train at the two stations, one at the front of the park and one at the back. Tickets are $3 each, but the key is if a rider is under 36 inches tall – they’re absolutely free! 

It’s a quick ride, about 7-ish minutes, but you can quickly get back to the front of the zoo if everyone has reached their limit for the day. 

If you have a train lover, they do have a special package for $10 where you can ride in the car with the conductor! 

Things to do at the Detroit Zoo

Elaborate Gardens and Beauty Surround You

Yes, visiting the zoo is normally for watching animals but the Detroit Zoo has gardens throughout their property. They not only have a large volunteer staff keeping them planted and weed free – they focus on everything from local plants that are great for the environment to their own bee apiary in the back of the park. Not sure what the beautiful flowers are you’re seeing? The zoo has signs explaining more about the plant life so you can get some of your own gardens. 

Things to do at the Detroit Zoo

Save the Environment and Some Money

A few years back, the Detroit Zoo went straw free. Over the last couple years they have completely eliminated plastic water bottles at the zoo. Instead you will find refillable water stations, where you can fill up your own water bottles or purchase one from them to fill up and reuse. The water will come out warmish on hot days, but just ask at any of the food stands and they will happily give you ice to help cool you down!

Things to do at the Detroit Zoo

Forget Your Stroller? They have you Covered! 

We all know at a certain age we all celebrate when the kids don’t need to be in their stroller or wagon all day at an event.  But they all hit a point, hit a limit and we don’t want to carry them around. If you don’t want to bring your own stroller or wagon, or need one last minute the zoo will have some on hand. You can rent these at either of the train stations, but keep in mind on busy days they will sell out quickly!

Things to do at the Detroit Zoo

Zoo Clues Help Make it an Educational Experience

Going to any zoo can be great to learn more about your favorite animals. But throughout the Detroit Zoo they have Zoo Clues that help little learners find out more about their favorite animals. Quick facts that you can read to them, or they can read themselves if they’re old enough that help make the visit more than just a trip to go look at animals. 

Things to do at the Detroit Zoo

No Worries Mommas – The Zoo Has You Covered! 

If you’re still a breast feeding your little ones and don’t want to sit out in the sun, or want a bit of privacy the zoo has you covered. Throughout the Detroit Zoo there are Mommy & Me Nursing Stations to give you the space you need. Not able to find one in the section of the zoo you are currently in? Ask one of the volunteer workers and they can point you in the right direction! 

Things to do at the Detroit Zoo

You Can Feed Giraffes – Twice Daily!

Daily at 11 am and 1 PM you are able to visit the Giraffe Exhibit in the back of the zoo and feed Jabari. You will have to purchase tickets to do this, the booth is directly to the right when you come into the park, and often they sell out quickly. But for $5 you get two pieces of food to feed the giraffe. What most people do not realize is that one ticket, can be split between two different people (one piece of food each). If you are there with a little one and want to feed the giraffes, you can share a ticket and experience together! 

For more information on admission costs, rentals and other items at the Detroit Zoo – visit their website



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