10 Baby Safety Tips Parents Often Overlook

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Let’s Keep our Babies Safe

There are so many rules to parenting aren’t there? It’s hard to keep up but main safety rules should always be in the mind of a parent.  We understand sometimes it takes a village so we’re here to help!  Here are ten safety tips parents typically overlook during the hustle and bustle of parenting and life. These are tips you should always keep in mind.

Baby Safety Tips 

1. Crib Slats – A baby’s crib should be as safe as possible. Crib slats should be no bigger than 2 3/8 inches apart. Be sure to look for measurements before purchasing your child’s crib.

2. Car Seat – Keep your child in a rear-facing car seat until your child is 1 year old. Before the age of one, their heads are disproportionate to their bodies.  A rear facing car seat will help protect them during sudden stops, turns and driving hazards. Proper head and neck support in a moving vehicle is crucial.

3. Sleep Safety – Always refrain from sleeping with your child in the same bed.  Parents have been known to roll over their infant and suffocating them by accident in their sleep.  Always allow your infant to sleep in their crib or bassinette, alone, with no pillows, siblings, or stuffed animals. 

4.  Add Furniture Padding – Sharp corners can hurt when an infant is learning to crawl and/or walk. Purchase furniture padding for those sharp corners to avoid injury.

5.  Bathtub Safety – Never leave your child alone in the bathtub full of water.  If you must leave the bathroom, wrap the child in a towel and take him/her with you to avoid drowning. 

6.  Mount TVs – Often times, parents forget about the televisions in the room.  Keep your child safe by mounting the television to the wall or a mounting bracket to avoid it toppling over onto your child. 

7.  Cars – Never leave your child alone in the vehicle even if it is a quick run into the bank or gas station to pay for gas. Cars tend to heat up quickly and your child could suffocate in the hot car on a Summer’s day.  

8.  Baby Gates – Be sure to invest in baby gates to block staircases and doorways to keep your child from falling down the stairs.  A child can be hurt badly even if you only have a few stairs. 

9.  Electrical Outlets – Plastic plugs for electrical outlets are inexpensive and very important in the home when raising a child. Each year, approximately 2,400 children suffer from burns and severe shocks caused by poking objects in electrical sockets. 

10.  Pets – Never leave your pet alone to babysit your baby.  Sometimes smells and communication between the two can get confused and animals can be reactive when scared or confused.  Also, teach your child not to pull or tug on the animal’s tail or fur to promote friendship and trust. 



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