5 Things Your Kids Will Love to do at the Michigan Renaissance Festival #Michrenfest

It’s almost that time of year again, when the gates of Hollygrove opens up and you can step back in time with your kids at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. We were first introduced to the Ren Fest when I was back in junior high, and we’ve been attending every since. The event is filled with family friend entertainment that even the smallest members of your family can enjoy and have fun. 

The Michigan Renaissance Festival first started back in 1979, and now covers a large 17 acre area of land up in Holly that opens up every weekend from mid-August until early October with fun themed weekends and allows guests to be fully absorbed inside a 16th century village complete with a castle and royal court! 

If you’ve never attended the Michigan Renaissance Festival it may seem a bit silly or odd. Let’s face it, most people associate Ren Faires with dorks – and while I happily fit that mold, the festival allows not only a bit of escapism but a fun day with our family. There is so much to do at the Ren Fest that you could be there from the Royal gate opening ceremony until they close the gates at night. 

Everyone has their favorite things to do when they attend the Michigan Renaissance festival including getting a turkey leg, scotch eggs and some ale, but here are our top 5 things to do with kids at the Michigan Renaissance Festival! 

  1. Face Painting! Throughout Hollygrove you can find several different stations where kids can get their face painted for a small cost. Do they want to look like a dragon? How about a fairy? Maybe a tiger? There are a lot of options for your kids here, and if you’re little one is already dressed in a costume it can only enhance their play for the day. Don’t worry – there is an adult version of this throughout the festival as well including Henna tattoos that will last a couple weeks. 
  2. Get thrown in Jail – Despite the title, this is something I absolutely recommend you do with your kids – but the jail at the festival only! The Michigan Renaissance festival has a jail in Hollygrove that you can have someone in your party thrown into. What crime are they charged with? Maybe it’s leaving their dirty towel on the floor, or not doing their homework before you left for the festival? It could even be not eating all their broccoli, or “just because”. They really don’t care why you put people in jail there. Once you have someone put in jail, a jail guard will come and find the offending party and take them away.  To get out of jail they will have to tell jokes, or sing I’m a little Tea Pot or sing another song. It’s a lot of fun, and they get a certificate when they are released. 
  3. Watch the Joust – Every couple of hours, the whole royal court will gather at the jousting field to watch the battle. Watch as the performers actually joist on horse back and cheer along with for your favorite knight. Try to get there a bit early to get a good place to watch the show and you’ll probably rewarded with watching some sword fighting as well. 
  4. Visit Mermaids – Mermaids were added to the Michigan Renaissance Festival a few years ago, and they’re absolutely fascinating to watch. Not only do they speak their own language, but will reward your little one with a special jewel from their world after getting pictures together. 
  5. Spend Some Time in the Kids Area – From kid friendly shows, giant dragon swings and even a petting zoo there is plenty to do to keep the kids busy or just let them burn off some energy. 

The Michigan Renaissance Festival changes each year, but offers faire goers a fun time no matter when you attend. From shopping, fresh baked goods, artisan wares and live shows, it’s an event that your whole family will enjoy going to each year. 

2017 Themed Weekends:

  • August 19-20 Royal Pet & Ale Fest
  • August 26-27 Highland Fling
  • September 2-4 High Seas Adventure
  • September 9-10 Wonders of the World
  • September 16-17 Shamrocks & Shenanigans
  • September 23-24 Harvest Huzzah
  • September 29 – Festival Friday
  • September 30-October 1 Sweet Endings

Find out more information about the themes, events and where to get tickets on the Michigan Ren Fest Website






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