Spending the Day at Eastern Market


I absolutely love spending the day at Eastern Market downtown Detroit. The wide selection of organic fruits and vegetables from Michigan farmers is like nowhere else here in our Mitten state. Aside from the fresh produce, meats and wonderful homemade desserts, I also make it a point to visit every spring for flowers for both of my patios, my deck and the front garden. 

There’s just something peaceful about the city on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Everyone is in a good mood, the flowers are fresh and they’re extra beautiful when the morning sun peaks through the buildings and glistens on each colorful pot.  The musicians on the corners and within the sheds are fun to watch too.  They add another layer of positivity to the morning playing their friendly music and smiling at the crowd.  I’ve even experienced young teens playing their buckets & pots and pans for an extended period of time which is also fun.  

Shopping just simply makes me happy.  I’m sure you’ve gathered that by now by reading Detroit Fashion News and Glamorous Moms and especially if your’e following me on social media. What I’ve always adored is seeing our local fashion designers, jewelry designers and artists selling their one-of-a-kind pieces downtown.  I’m always in need of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry so I’m always eager to pick out something pretty and show my support for our local artists and designers;-) 

Guests of all ages and all backgrounds enjoy the sheds and the friendly community. Eastern market makes for a great family trip, a trip with the girls and even makes for a fun afternoon date. 

If you’re coming to the sheds to shop, be sure to bring a garden wagon because I guarantee you will fill it up. Here’s three fun ideas on how you can enjoy Eastern Market.

  1.  Family Trip – There is so much to learn about fresh produce, organic eating and Detroit farmers when visiting Eastern Market.  Kids love to learn, why not teach them about healthy foods and the different types of beautiful flowers and trees during your excursion? 
  2. Date Day – I always recommend heading downtown Detroit for a good date! Eastern Market is fun for a day with your love. Have a beautiful brunch at Vivio’s, allow your man to buy you fresh flowers, enjoy walking hand and hand and take Detroit’s beautiful culture in. Sounds romantic doesn’t it? Running late? Have fresh BBQ for lunch and an afternoon drink at Bert’s on Broadway.  Be sure to sit outside while listening to fun Karaoke songs and enjoying the company around you. 
  3. A Trip with the Girls – Head downtown with your sisters, girlfriends and/or neighbors for a fun shopping experience and brunch.  There’s nothing like buying flowers and having a girls lunch with those closest to you. 


Eastern Market Hours:

  • Saturday 7am-4pm (year-round)
  • Tuesday 9am-3pm (June-Sept.)
  • Sunday 10am-4pm (June-Sept.)

I was born and raised in Michigan and this is absolutely one of my favorite places to visit through the Spring and Summer months. Have you been?  I’d love to hear about your trip and why you love Detroit’s Eastern Market.



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Shannon is the Owner of Detroit Mommies and is a lifestyle blogger of 17 years. She is the CEO of The Lazov Agency, Glameselle Beauty, and the owner of Glamorousmoms.com and Detroitfashionnews.com. Shannon is also the Founder & President of The Glamorous Moms Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports women and children rebuilding their lives from poverty, illness, human trafficking, addiction, and domestic violence. She is big on spreading love to those who need it most and loves to connect with other parents.
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