A Gift You’ll Feel Good About Giving

The Pebble Fox Rattle was provided for a review, but all opinions are my own.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

So I’m not scrambling last minute to find the right gifts, Christmas shopping is a high priority for me. Every day my 7-year-old stepson, Miles, asks me if I remember what he wants for Christmas. Even though I have his list memorized, I pretend to “forget” so I can hear him enthusiastically recite the details grinning ear to ear.

My 5-month-old, James, grabs everything and is happy as a clam with a handful of mommy’s hair. Unfortunately, Mommy’s hair is falling out from post-partum hormones, so I make sure he has plenty of other objects to grab onto!

Recently Kahiniwalla (Pronounced Ka-hee-nee-wal-uh) offered to send me one of their Pebble products to review. Looking at their website, I couldn’t say yes fast enough (not an understatement). Not only are their products ADORABLE, they employ over 12,000 women in rural Bangladesh. Their products are handmade and guaranteed Fair Trade. They create opportunities for women, ensuring safe working conditions and respect their cultural identity among other things. A woman, daughter, mother and wife myself, it feels good to stand behind a company that helps communities support themselves and/or their families.

I was instantly obsessed with the Pebble Fox Rattle. Reminding myself the toy was for James, not me, I begrudgingly handed it to the rightful owner. Even though he can’t tell me using words, James LOVES his Pebble Fox. He grabs for it like he grabs for his mommy’s hair and he won’t let go!

The Fox Rattle’s arms and legs are long and skinny making it easy for tiny little hands to grasp tightly. James also loves to put everything in his mouth. His hands, feet, mommy’s hair, daddy’s hair, toys… You name it, he wants it in his mouth. Sometimes I worry when he is around furry stuffed animals that aren’t made to be chewed on. The Pebble Fox Rattle is furless so getting fur in his mouth isn’t a problem I worry about!

After big brother Miles saw his brothers’ Fox Rattle he wants one too. Excited that he expressed interest in it I knew I had to get him one for Christmas. It’s hard for me to choose just one but I am loving the Raccoon Rattle, Scary Monster Rattle or Large Stripey Donkey for him (pictured below).

Pebble makes stuffed cars, food (fruits, vegetables, ice cream cones, donuts, etc.), animals and dolls. The women employed by Pebble make all sorts of products in additional to the sweet stuffed toys. They make blankets, pacifier clips, hats, ornaments, and keyrings. The prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality!

I have included a few of my favorites below, that I found on www.kahiniwalla.com.

Happy Holidays!




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