Hannah Elizabeth Releases Her Music Video “No Good”

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Hannah Elizabeth is continuing the new movement of dark, mysterious Pop music sparked by Lorde, Florence and The Machine, and Amy Winehouse, with her new music video “No Good,” released today.   

The release of the music video followed her successful launch of the single “No Good,” which currently has over 40K plays on SoundCloud. The music video was produced and published by The Artist Refinery, a US-based music production agency. Hannah Elizabeth joined The Artist Refinery and is currently under the guidance of the award-winning producer and writer

According to The Artist Refinery, Hannah Elizabeth, a University of Michigan graduate, was a local favorite in coffee houses, and a popular collaborator for area instrumental musicians in Ann Arbor. After being recruited by The Artist Refinery, she debuted her single “Wild We’ll Run” in May of 2015, and toured across the Midwest for a series of performances. The Artist Refinery, in addition to the general services a production agency covers, also actively concentrates on each artist’s development, and provides: voice and choreography lessons, stage presence and interview prep, lyrical composition instructions, management, and even Hannah Elizabeth credits her single’s success on SoundCloud to the efforts and training she received from The Artist Refinery, which she explains in more detail in her interview with BuzzFeed. She also discloses that “No Good” was inspired by a relationship that concluded without any closure, and left her with questions and self-doubt. The music video displays a blurry, dark, gloomy scene, and falls under the dark and soulful Pop often heard from Lorde.

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