Verizon ~  Samsung Galaxy S® 5 REVIEW


About 2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to be on a magical family trip with my family to Walt Disney World. Verizon Wireless, kindly allowed me to use their Samsung Galaxy S5, Although, I was able to have one of these fabulous phones in my hands before, this time it was extra special because it was the last month of school, a Disney trip, and many other important events in between. I had to hope that Verizon and this particular Samsung would not let me down! Of course, it was even better then I had planned!


galaxy-note-3-verizon-priceSimply inspired, the Samsung Galaxy S® 5 makes every day better in ways big and small. HD movies and games roar to life. You can  catch split-second moments  with the fast, vibrant camera. For example, my daughter walking into her last day of 1st grade! This was a tough one for my husband and I, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 caught it perfectly for us! 20140606_075829 (2) (360x640)


Another important part of summer, is getting back on track health – wise. I was able to track my fitness levels down to my heartbeat while staying connected with fast Verizon 4G LTE. I utilized the S Health app that the Samsung phones offer. While walking Disney, with my family, I could track everything. We were walking an amazing 15 – 20 miles plus daily! We felt good about ourselves and exhausted in a healthy way! Anyone can use this app! Please view the small video to understand the S Health app yourself! I can guarantee you will be impressed!


Samsung has put everything it knows about HDTV on brilliant display with the 5.1inch Full HD Super AMOLED® screen on the Galaxy S5. Movies come to life as they were meant to be seen. It is very easy, to steadily record those moments you want to remember for a lifetime. Another important moment I caught in Disney with the Samsung was my daughter singing a special song she loves. You have to understand that we were walking to a ride, she heard this  song, and  immediately started singing. Listen to the sound quality, along with watching the moment come to life! Had the phone not been so quick and easy to use, I would have missed recording the adorable moment. PLEASE pay close attention to the way I was able to implement the advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR).  The movie is just priceless all thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S5! 


 Another notable way the Samsung Galaxy S5 made our trip easier was that I was able to conserve my battery when it was running low. I could use the Ultra Power Saving Mode to turn the Galaxy S 5 screen to black and white and shut off nonessential apps, so I could get the maximum battery life. Please note that the battery life can be up to 27 hrs talk time and stand-by can be up to 20 days. This part I didn’t see, meaning 20 days, however, the phone did last for 15 hrs plus while we were out and about at Disney. The My Disney Experience mobile app was immediately downloaded on my phone before we arrived to Disney! I was afraid the battery would be affected or it wouldn’t work – well let me assure you with Verizon Wireless’s amazing service this app worked perfectly! Although I am not writing specifically about the app in this review, without this phone it wouldn’t have worked as well. I was able to see how long wait times were for rides, where to eat, maps of the park, and all my specific fast pass selections and pictures!  This is extremely imperative while traveling with a 7 year old princess!! 

Included in the box:

  • Samsung Galaxy S® 5
  • Standard 2800 mAH Lithium Ion Battery
  • Pre–installed SIM Card (3FF NFC)
  • Wall/USB charger
  • Stereo Headset
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Global Support Brochure
  • Product Safety & Warranty Brochure
  • Important Consumer Information
  • RF Brochure

I highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy S5 for ANYTHING – trips, daily life, health etc! Samsung is without a doubt my favorite brand of phone. Our trip would not have been complete without this technology. One last suggestion, before I share a few more memorable shots with you, is invest in accessories! Find a durable cover and something waterproof. This comes in handy for adults and even their children. Plus, you will be less nervous to carry such technology in your pocket! Thank you Verizon for making this even more magical for us!


2014-06-08 11.34.12 (2) (390x640)2014-06-09 13.43.15 (2) (640x360)2014-06-10 18.48.46 (2) (614x640)2014-06-14 15.26.01 (2) (640x540)





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