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2 weeks ago, we were lucky enough to spend 8 fun-filled days at Walt Disney World. AT&T allowed me to use the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. You wouldn’t believe the people that stopped me to ask about this unique, amazing piece of technology! Now, the unique thing about this item is that it is the first Smartphone with a 10x optical zoom! The Samsung Galaxy S® 4 zoom™ is an all-in-one device that combines a powerful smartphone with a high-end compact camera to help you take amazing photos:

  • A real camera experience with a manually adjustable zoom ring and dedicated shutter button.
  • 16MP CMOS sensor, 10x optical zoom, and optical image stabilizer. With a 16MP CMOS sensor and a true 10x optical zoom, you’ll be able to capture beautiful images of even distant subjects with your smartphone like never before. The expert mode let’s you adjust to the perfect setting you like.  Trust me, this worked out perfectly for us. It takes a little time to shot the perfect shot, BUT with a little time you can do it!! Trial and error worked best for me! 
  • 25 preset camera modes to capture the best pictures possible. This will help you to get better shots in all types of settings! 
  • Part of the Galaxy family of entertainment devices. Samsung, along with any Galaxy, I love! They are honestly my favorite!

Check out some of these AMAZING shots this camera took for us! Not only could I snap these fabulous photos, but I could dial someone on the phone, play a game, or check out how many miles I walked on the pedometer I downloaded! This was one of the most amazing features of this smartphone. It is very practical and ideal for traveling or everyday. I always allow my parents, who are in their sixties, to play with these new and improved devices. My theory is, if they can figure it out, mostly anyone can! They did pretty well, so with a bit of practice, anyone can successfully use the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom!

Another key component is that the battery held up and never let me down! It has a talk time of up to 15 hrs &  stand by time of up to 18 hrs. This is critical when traveling! It is not that easy to plug in and charge at Disney! Thank goodness for AT&T’s superb service and this awesome smartphone! 

As you can see the photos are clear and captured memorable moments colorfully! I had my $800.00 camera with me, and honestly I felt the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom did just as good as a job snapping these moments quickly and clearly! I am a picture fanatic, so this compliment I just don’t give to any device, because I love my camera. I loved this camera so much, that I actually left my personal,expensive one behind a few days during the trip. 



  • USB Cable
  • Wall Charger
  • Battery
  • Quick Start Guide

One thing I would suggest is finding yourself a REALLY good case to hold the smartphone in and protect it. I seriously almost had a nervous breakdown at one point when it started to rain. I actually placed the phone in a plastic bag. Even though it was in my purse, which was in my backpack – I was still concerned. It is expensive and very high quality, so with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, I would recommend putting some money in it to protect it! One picture below, I snapped unexpectedly was my daughter and husband on a pay phone. The funny thing is that she honestly had no idea what it was and didn’t understand why you would pay for a call, when everyone has their own phone. We laughed! 

Thank you AT&T for making our trip completely magical with this amazing device. We appreciated the fact that you made sure we had something that would be useful and beneficial for our trip! We were able to capture these moments thanks to you! 



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