Nokia Lumia 2520 REVIEW



Recently, Verizon Wireless  provided me with my very first tablet to try out. I was a little nervous, because, as I have mentioned before, I am not the biggest fan of the Windows operating system. However, the Nokia Lumia 2520, was awesome! This tablet was always connected & worked for me while I was on the go. I was able to manage work and personal documents with Microsoft® Office and Outlook®. My 7 year old daughter could enjoy movies, photos, e-books and games-even when outside-on a vivid 10.1-inch full HD screen that adjusts to the lighting around you. Most importantly it took crisp photos in low light and video chat in HD. I will admit, the size was adequate, as I did have to bring my larger purse to fit it in, but it is a tablet! It is one of the best tablets for seniors that runs on the Windows operating system.

Tablet Size, PC Benefits

With a thin, lightweight and beautiful design, the Nokia Lumia 2520 offers the best productivity features of a PC with the portability and fun of a tablet.

  • Connect to E-mail & Edit Documents:  This device is designed for life on the go, the Nokia Lumia 2520 runs the Windows® 8.1 operating system-the latest release from Microsoft®-and comes preloaded with familiar Microsoft productivity apps: Outlook®, Word, PowerPoint®, Excel® and OneNote®.
  • Keep Information at Your Fingertips: Get fast access to the web with Internet Explorer® 11, enjoy intuitive search with Bing® and keep all your files at your fingertips with on-device memory or SkyDrive® cloud storage.
  • Exclusive Apps: Nokia Mix Radio and Dragon Adventure are 2 examples! 

The most impressive part of the tablet was the camera. I assumed it wouldn’t be as terrific as it was. 

I snapped this picture with the Nokia Lumia 2520 camera! It had to be quick to capture this hilarious moment between my hubby and our nephew!

WIN_20140420_134324 (2)

 Interesting Facts About The Camera

  •  Take crisp photos—even in low light-with the 6.7-megapixel rear camera that features Zeiss optics. Record video in HD at 30 frames per second.
  • Friends and family can see you more clearly when you video chat with the 2-megapixel front-facing camera that is Skype™ certified. The front camera also lets you take pictures and record HD video.
  • Nokia Storyteller is a whole new way to show your photos, with your images displayed together in a timeline, clustered together geographically and grouped by events. Instead of just being individual pictures, all of your images come together to tell a story.

Lastly, check out all the exciting accessories you can use with this tablet. There is a dual-cover kickstand, and Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker – head to Verizon Wireless to view the rest!  With graduations, Father’s Day, and other holidays/celebrations coming up – I would definitely look at this device along with so much more at Verizon! 










Detroit Mommies Expert Contributor
Jill is a former teacher who is now a stay at home mommy, by choice, of her active 7 yr old daughter, Kelsey Anne, in Livonia, Michigan. On the side, she works as a Social Media & Marketing Coordinator for a Michigan based Protocol Company with 25 years experience, specializing in creating, managing, and producing gala events for dignitaries, celebrities and non-profit organizations throughout the country. She also volunteers at her daughter's school, has recently started substitute teaching, enjoys entering contests and sweeps, & spending time with her family. You can follow her on Twitter @jillkathan.
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Shannon Easen
Shannon Easen
1 year ago

Thanks for the marvelous posts! We love your site!