Lucid 2 By LG REVIEW



For the past month, I was lucky enough to test out the Lucid 2 by LG through Verizon Wireless.  I made some great memories with this amazing phone!

 This smartphone was very easy to use. I even allowed my parents to try it out since they have never had a smartphone before. They were equally impressed.  Whether you’re upgrading from a basic phone or a smartphone expert, you’ll get what you want and then some with the exclusive Lucid 2 by LG. Two modes, Starter and Standard, let you customize the phone to meet your preference, while Android 4.1 Jelly Bean provides the power. The 4.3–inch qHD display looks fantastic in the smartphone’s compact design. You’ll get amazing battery life for all the web exploring, texting, and app running you can handle. And when the juice finally runs low, the Lucid 2 can charge wirelessly with a pair of optional accessories. Operating on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, the Lucid 2 by LG is the perfect blend of smarts, productivity, and awesomeness.

Some Fascinating Features About the Lucid 2:

  • Easy to learn & use
  • You can customize it with advanced features
  • Carry easily with a slim design
  • Easily edit HD videos
  • Launch Apps from your alarm

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One of MY personal favorites was the CAMERA.  It was easy to use and SO convenient. Our neighbor bought a new kitten and I was able to get that amazing shot above AND my daughter was playing t-ball last week. I forgot my camera and would have missed the shot below, had I not had this phone! Doesn’t she look cute?

Camera Features:

  • 5 Megapixel Rear–Facing Autofocus Camera and Camcorder with LED Flash
  • 1.3 Megapixel Front–Facing Camera and Camcorder for Self Portraits and Video Chat
  • Customizable Quick Menu – add most–used camera and camcorder features to the viewfinder menu
  • Live Shot – take still pictures while recording video at the same time
  • Time Catch Shot – take several pictures before pressing the shutter button
  • Cheese Shutter – use your voice to take a picture
  • Shot Mode – choose from Normal, HDR, Panorama, and Continuous shot
  • Face Tracking – automatically finds and focuses on faces


0619131830a-1 (388x800)

Included in the box:

  • Lucid™2 by LG
  • Standard Lithium Ion Battery (2460 mAh)
  • Wall/USB Charger
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Product Safety & Warranty Brochure

I have to continue to tell everyone, that Verizon’s service is amazing. Once again, I never dropped or lost a call. Reception was a little bit choppy up north, but I had more service with Verizon then I have with any other service. Our land line was down for over 10 days while I had this phone. Again, THANK GOODNESS I had it! I would have lost touch with everyone! My only complaint is that I felt the battery would not stay charged as long as I expected. However, keep in mind I was on it a ton AND checking e-mail, Facebook ect. Not to mention playing games, taking pictures, or creating videos. The phone did sometimes get hot, but again its 90 degrees outside!

I was lucky enough to attend the New Kids on the Block concert with my 3 best friends from Elementary School. I took SO many videos, I thought the phone would never have enough storage, well it did! So, I was VERY grateful to catch some of those great moments with the Lucid 2 by LG! Now, you can hear the sound perfectly & the bass!!! You can even see NKOTB!! See for yourself!!!

Detroit Mommies Expert Contributor
Jill is a former teacher who is now a stay at home mommy, by choice, of her active 7 yr old daughter, Kelsey Anne, in Livonia, Michigan. On the side, she works as a Social Media & Marketing Coordinator for a Michigan based Protocol Company with 25 years experience, specializing in creating, managing, and producing gala events for dignitaries, celebrities and non-profit organizations throughout the country. She also volunteers at her daughter's school, has recently started substitute teaching, enjoys entering contests and sweeps, & spending time with her family. You can follow her on Twitter @jillkathan.
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