Valentine’s Day Cootie Catcher Cards – Tutorial

valentines day  cootie catcher

Every kid likes to give out great Valentine’s Day cards in their classroom or to their friend’s. Here’s a fun way to make a unique and fun card.

I remember making these when I was a kid and always having a lot of fun playing with them afterwards.  They are pretty easy to make and you can get creative with your own messages under the numbered flaps.

We decided to make them for my son’s third grade classroom…. Twenty-nine kids!  But it goes quick once you  get it down.

valentines day 2

What you will need:

Square paper in any size you like.   I used 8×8 scrapbooking paper in solid colors so the stickers and handwritten messages would show up.  I wouldn’t use paper that is too small or you will have trouble making the folds.

  1. Assorted stickers to decorate the cootie catchers.
  2. A Pencil


Start with your square piece of paper and fold it in half.cootie catcher collage step 1

Open the folded paper up  and fold it in half going the other way (you are making creases to be used later).  Then start folding the corners into the center point, making sure not to overlap any of the folds (otherwise it won’t up properly when you are done).

cootie catcher collage step 2

Fold all four corners into the center – it should look like this at that point:

Cootie Catcher Collage 3

Turn the folded paper over and again fold in each pointed corner into the center point.   You might have to work the paper a little more at this point because it will get thicker.  To make a nice stiff crease you can run a butter knife or the side of a pencil along the fold. Cootie Catcher Collage 4

Do all four corners.  Then turn it over so you see the squares – like below:Cootie Catcher Collage 5


You are just about done!  Fold the cootie catcher in half along the lines where the white paper is showing – do this one way and then unfold and do the other it along the other line.  You will put your fingers underneath the square flaps to work the cootie catcher.

Cootie Catcher Collage 6

That’s it!

Now for the fun part of decorating them with stickers and putting your own messages under the flaps.

Number the top four squares1-4 and add a sticker if you want.

valentines 4


Then open the cootie catcher up and number 1-8

valentines 6

Then put your messages and decorations underneath the flap and you are ready to go.

valentines 3

You can really have fun with it and you could do an adult version too!

Cootie Catcher Collage


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10 years ago

How fun! I remember these!