If you are passionate about fine foods and dedicated to helping others, you may be interested in this amazing program Love with Food.  Love with Food is a fairly new company launched in December of 2011.  They currently offer easy ways for you to enjoy gourmet food for a cause.  Sounds awesome right?

Upon signing up, members can enjoy Love with Food based on their “personal taste and food preferences.”  Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?  Maybe your mouth is starting to water just a little at the thought of amazing food catered to your likes and desires.    Members will receive monthly food samples delivered to their door for only $10 a month and then the option to purchase their favorites from the e-commerce store.  Sounds very tempting, what do you think?

It definitely sounds like a great way to try out different foods, but in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  It doesn’t get any better than that, or does it?  Believe it or not it does.  “For every box delivered, a meal is donated to a hungry child via food banks all across the U.S.”  This is so wonderful isn’t it?  I have never heard of a food program as unique as this with such a worthy and noble cause behind it.  It’s actually beautiful!

Who do we have to thank for the creation of Love with Food?  Aihui Ong (pronounced as i-we).  Aihui, was born and raised in Singapore and earned multiple degrees (business and computer science) from universities local to her.  She decided to take a break from her positions and back pack around the world for a year!  Very impressive and admirable.   Aihui realized that not only was technology a passion of hers, but food as well.  She witnessed a food maker friend struggle to get her products on the market.  This is where Love with Food was born.  This was a project she was passionate about.  Very exciting!

I want to personally thank Aihui for communicating with me regarding this wonderful program.  She also will be shipping a sample of their amazing products which I cannot wait to try.  I have never been so excited about food until now, haha.

In a nutshell, here is how Love with Food works:

  • Get their box
  • Give a meal
  • Shop online
  • Earn points (to earn free products)

Love with Food ships all over the U.S. and abroad.

Are you ready to try something new while donating to a beautiful cause?  Feel free to sign up here and get your tasty samples delivered to your door every month while feeding hungry children.

Have you heard of this program?  Please share with us your experience if any or if you are considering Love with Food for your family.


Source: Love with Food

Images courtesy of Love with Food/Aihui Ong

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Lindsey is a homeschool mom of three in Southeast Michigan. She is the creator of Michigan blog Michigan Home Mommy Works and blogs for Homeschooling in Detroit.
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10 years ago

awesome cause! where is the web address?