Have you noticed that Disney has been re-releasing several oldies but goodies in 3D?  The 3D animation breathes new life into some of our favorite movies.   We caught a sneak peak of Finding Nemo 3D and it was truly entertaining. There for a minute I thought the swarming seagulls were going to eat my popcorn!  The scenery was so beautiful in this underwater adventure! You feel like you are actually going for a swim right along with Marvin (Nemo’s dad – voice by Albert Brooks) and Nemo (voice by Alexander Gound).

When Marvin suddenly and unexpectedly becomes a single parent, he tends to be a little over protective of his only child.  He really doesn’t want to let go – or let the little clown fish learn things on his own, he tries to micro manage his son’s life.  We all know that usually doesn’t turn out to well.  So off we go on the journey with Marvin and Nemo.  Nemo vanishes one day and Marvin is determined to find him….with the help of his new memory challenged friend Dory (voice by Ellen DeGeneres).  Is it just me, or does this fish actually look like Ellen??  There are funny parts, scary parts and sad parts.  I loved the scenes with the school of fish and the dentist office.  All turns out well for the family of clown fish.


Visit Disney to find our more about this great movie that’s rated G.


Disclosure:  We received free passes to see the show.  All opinions and views are my own.


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Lindsey Clair
10 years ago

My kids so would have loved this! How fun would that be to watch Finding Nemo in 3D? Awesome.