We were lucky enough to be invited to host an Olympic Warriors HEXBUG party for my son and a few of his friends last week. They would get to be some of the first kids to play with the new HEXBUG Warrior Robots along with the arena and stadium. My son has always been a huge fan of the HEXBUG products and was so excited he could hardly wait for the package to arrive. Then, when the package did arrive, he had to wait one more day for the party – pure torture!   That morning he diligently studied the packages at the breakfast table, since I wouldn’t let him open them until his guests came.

Once everyone came they ripped open the boxes and got down to business.  They had three different products to play with:

  • HEXBUG Warriors Battle Stadium ($29.99)
    • Includes 2 fully-armored Warriors, 8 Battle Stadium Pieces (compatible with Battle Arena) and 12 standoffs
  • HEXBUG Warriors Battle Arena  ($19.99)
    • Includes 2 fully-armored Warriors, 2 Battle Arena pieces (compatible with Battle Stadium), 3 standoffs and extra bonus armor
  • HEXBUG Warriors Single Pack  ($7.99)
    • Includes 1 fully-armored Warrior

The arena and stadium were super easy to snap together.  Once they had that assembled the boys picked out their battling robots and started playing.  From the sounds of the laughing and cheering coming from the bedroom, they loved it!  They were so competitive – “mine won”  “mine won”!  It seems to have brought out the Olympic spirit in these guys.

I have to admit the robots do look really cool with all the different armor that can be switched back and forth with the other robots to make your own custom version.  That was one of my son’s favorite things about them – the ability to “trick them out”. There is a small hex symbol on the underside of the robots that turn them on and off.   The robots also have a flashing light on the top that signals the health – green=good, yellow = ok, and red = not so great.

Take a look at the video to see how these robots really do battle it out with all their armor.  They come in red, green, yellow and blue.  The neighbor kid has already bought the Battle Stadium. The two of them are planning on connecting the two to make a “mega” battling stadium – not sure if that can actually be done or not?

The kids loved them and played them for over an hour that day.  The next day my son packed it all up and took it with him to his friend’s house – again it was a big hit!    My son gave it a huge thumb’s up! HEXBUG continues to come up with new and innovative products including the nano bugs, the remote controlled insects, a zip line plus all kinds of habitats. My son’s only suggestion was that they should come up with a solar powered version so the batteries would last a little longer.

We have seen the new 2012 HEXBUG Warrior line of toys at Target.  Please visit:  https://www.hexbug.com/ for more information.

Disclosure:  We received the battling HEXBUG Robots, HEXBUG Arena and HEXBUG Stadium to facilitate this review.  All opinions and comments are 100% true and our own.




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10 years ago

What a great informative video. Joe really knows his hexbugs! I love the excitement in his voice when explaing how they work. These new and improved hexbugs will make great stocking stuffers or birthday gifts.
Thanks for sharing!!

Laura Meils
Laura Meils
10 years ago

My son was lucky enough to attend the hex bug event- he had tons of fun making different bugs and battling them-he is hooked already -hex bugs are great because they don’t take up much space and keep the kids entertained-these will make great holiday presents

10 years ago

those look fun, even better than the old hexbugs! sweet(:

10 years ago

Looks like a fun toy. The boys in your review sure seemed to enjoy them.