Here are some fun random facts about one of my favorite candies – Conversation Hearts.  They are made by NECCO®, which stands for New EnglandConfectionery Company – that’s a trivia answer right there!  These fun facts came from the NECCO ® company website,  there is tons of information on this website including recipes, history and even a virtual tour of the factory.

♥  NECCO® manufactures eight billion Sweethearts® Conversation Hearts each year, the majority of which are sold during the six-week period between January 1 and Valentine’s Day

♥    Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, originally called Motto Hearts, were created in 1866 by Daniel Chase, brother of NECCO founder, Oliver Chase.

♥ Sweethearts Conversation Hearts are a great treat for the calorie-.conscious.  The fat-free, sodium-free candies contain three calories per small heart and six calories per large heart.  I love this one!

♥ If you placed the annual production of Sweethearts Conversation Hearts back to back across theUnited Statesthey would stretch fromNew YorktoLos Angelesand back again.  That equals 5,924 miles!

♥ NECCO can custom imprint Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, if you’re willing to buy a full production run – approximately 3,500 pounds of the six-flavored candies or 1.6 million individual hearts!! That would be a lot of hearts.

♥ Starting in 1981, Hispanic Sweethearts Conversation Hearts have been available within large Hispanic communities in theUnited States.  In 2002, NECCO launched them nationwide.

♥ Each year, JEOPARDY! includes a Sweethearts Conversation Hearts trivia question on its show in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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