I found this cute idea for place setting cards while playing around on the internet the other day.  They looked easy enough to make and I thought they would really punch up a Thanksgiving Day Table.  I pretty much followed the plan that I found, with a few small tweaks.  The original can be found here at Lisa Storms website.  You probably have everything you need to make them around the house – extra bonus – you can put some old newspapers to good use.


These are easy enough that you could assign the craft your kids to keep them busy while you put the meal together.  I think the less perfect the “feathers” the better.  Keep in mind that you can make these any size you want.  They can all be alike or all different which ever way you like it.




Scrapbooking paper or construction paper

Old Newspapers


Glue- Elmer’s X-TREME



White Paper



  1. Begin by cutting several squares or rectangles of old newspaper – the size will depend on how big you want the turkey to be.  Each turkey takes between 8 and12 rolled “feathers”.
  2. Roll the pieces of newspapers to make rustic style tubes – glue them along the sides – set aside.
  3. Cut the body of the turkey out of the scrapbooking paper or construction paper – the shape is an exaggerated half circle.
  4. Flip the body piece over and glue the newspaper tubes to the body.  Arrange them they look right – after I glued mine I also added some tape to hold them place.
  5. Then cut the neck/head piece out of a solid color paper, along with the beak and red gobbler thingy – I checked, it’s officially called a wattle.
  6. Glue the beak/wattle to the head and make eyes with a marker.
  7. Center the head on the body and glue into place.
  8. Cut a rectangular white piece of paper and write the names of your guest on each one.

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