Pretty soon it will be that time of year when the kids are around the house a little bit more than usual.  I recently visited the local library to check out some books on crafting – in the hopes of getting a jump start on some craft ideas.  There were so many good ideas in these books that we had a hard time picking one – so we picked two!


We had the opportunity to use a new product from Elmer’s glue called X-TREME School Glue Stick.   It is suppose to be much stronger than the regular glue sticks – even promising to hold wood.  The product worked great for us – we glued wood craft sticks and a branch from the tree.  We also glued pennies on our lizard.  Everything stayed put.  We did have to hold it in place for a second but once it dried it was stuck.

#X-TREMEschoolglue Crafting with the new Elmer’s Glue Extreme School Glue Stick at thisMoment

Take a look at what we came up:


Lizard Collage Supplies

Construction Paper – any color

Box Lid

Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue Stick   ( )


Pipe Cleaners

Assorted beads, beans, coins, little balls made of tissue paper – or anything else you can think of to decorate your lizard



First we lined the box lid with construction paper, we chose green.  Then we drew an outline of a lizard on another sheet of construction paper and cut it out.

Then we glued it to the inside of the box lid.  From there it was time to decorate.    It was pretty easy and my son really enjoyed being creative with the decorations.


Good Garden Bugs Poster Supplies



Construction Paper – assorted colors

Box Lid

Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue Stick   ( )


Craft Sticks

Small piece of foam board


For this project we did a little research to see which bugs were good to have in your garden – we came up with quite a few but selected five to use for our project.


First we cut out shapes of the various bugs (Worm, Butterfly, Lace Wing, Bumble Bee and Lady Bug).  Then we used paint to add some character to them.  We then lined a box lid with colorful paper and put a strip of foam board on the bottom edge.  Once the paint was dry on the bugs we glued them to the craft sticks and then stuck them into the foam board strip on the bottom of the box lid.


I think both turned out pretty good.  With those long summer days just around the corner maybe it’s time to re-stock your crafting supplies and come up with a few ideas to work on.


This project has been compensated as part of a craft recipe project for Elmer’s.  All opinions are honest and strictly my own. #xtremeschoolglue and #gluenglitter

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Christina S.
Christina S.
11 years ago

Really cute! I’m glad to hear that the XTREME glue worked well.

Eek! Lizards & garden bugs! | xtreme
12 years ago

[…] to glue craft sticks and foam pieces to her project. Kathy has the tutorials for both projects over here. This entry was posted in Stories and tagged educational, summer. Bookmark the permalink. Eek! […]

Amy @ Dealusional
12 years ago

Wow, how cool that X-TREME worked on coins and wood! Awesome job on the projects, and the video is just too cute 🙂