I recently used Redbox Movie Rental for family movie night. First I went to RedBox.com to check out the locations, much to my surprise they were everywhere. When I punched in my zip code over 30 locations popped up. One of the closest locations was at Kroger, so before we headed out I decided to use the website Give Every Night New Flavor to come up with dinner ideas. I’ve used this website before – it’s a new development from Kroger and ConAgra Foods. I really like it, you answer three easy questions and the “recipe generator” gives a handful of meal suggestions. This time I decided on the Beef Teriyaki bowl – which turned out great.

Redbox makes it super easy to rent popular movies. They are usually located at the front of grocery stores. You can reserve movies online and then pick them up or you can just stop by to make your selection. The movies are only $1 a day! We decided on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. This movie was originally released in 2009 somehow we missed it back then. It comes from Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animations. The movie is inspired by the children’s book with the same title by Judi Barrett. I thought the story was cute and the animation quality was excellent.

This movie tells the story of a young boy who loves to invent things, as he grows older his inventions take on a life of their own. He invents a machine that can make food out of water with the use of a rocket. He sends the rocket up into the sky and all kinds of food comes raining down…. From cheeseburgers and hot dogs to gummi bears. Along the way he befriends the weather girl who eventually gives up weather forecasts for “food forecasts”. The two of them make quite a team. Things start out great, the Mayor loves the additional tourists that the falling food brings to his washed-up town and the townspeople love the food. While it seems like a great idea, things turn chaotic and trouble soon follows. Some of my favorite scenes were the jello bouncy house and the stealth fighter pizza slices. My six year old son liked the gummi bear scenes the best.

It was an entertaining movie that we all enjoyed.

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11 years ago

We saw the movie and liked it too. We plan on trying the beef teriyaki dinner…you made it look so easy! Not sure about the chop sticks though. Thanks!

Zippy Sandler
11 years ago

It sounds like you had a fun night. I never think to make Asian dinners at home, I think I’ll check out the recipe.

11 years ago

Great movie!

Sugar Jones
11 years ago

We finally saw this movie a couple of weeks ago. The Sugar Babies and I LOVED it! Very cute and sweet family movie.