Fun Finds: Puppy Cam

First, we watched eggs hatch, now we are watching cuddly little fur balls sleep, play and be cared for by their mother.

Puppy Cam
Puppy Cam

The puppy cam focuses on a mama Shiba Inu with her third litter of days-old puppies. This will be her last littler. The “C-Team” pups all have names that start with C. They spend their days in front of the camera mounted in their area. The mommy dog, Kika, takes care of her babies, feeding them, cleaning them and cuddling them while they sleep. It’s sure to captivate you far longer than it should!

This is not Kika’s first Internet debut. The camera also looked over her and her pups from her first and second litters.

Video clips at Ustream

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11 years ago

Love it. My kids will love watching too! Thanks for the link.