Making homemade wallpaper  is a way to be crafty even if you don’t think you’re crafty.  I found a way to put some of that pretty scrapbooking paper that I kept seeing in the stores to use without even picking up a pair of scissors.

It’s an easy and pretty inexpensive way to brighten up any space.  I used it to hide an ugly wall in my office area.

You will need the following:

Scrapbooking Paper – all sheets have to be the same size.  Try to pick out colors and patterns that go together well.  If you have trouble picking out sheets that look good together, they also sell in it books – where the patterns and colors already coordinate with each other.

Scotch Tape

Packaging Tape – or any heavy duty tape

That’s really all you need to get started.

1.  First you’ll need to figure out many sheets of paper you will need to cover the area you are working with.  I like using the larger sheets instead of the smaller 8×10 sheets.

2.  Then lay the sheets of scrapbooking paper out on the floor.  Move the sheets around until you find a design that you like best.

3.  Once you’ve got your design then you simply turn the sheets over (pattern side down).

4.  Then you need to carefully line the sheets up by slightly overlapping each sheet onto the next sheet. You will need to make sure that the whole thing stays square.    Take your time on this step – make sure you are overlapping the sheets in all the same direction.

5. Next carefully use the scotch tape to tape the seams together.  Once you have them all connected gently flip it over to make sure it looks good and the seams line up ok.  It’s hard to get it perfect but it’s worth taking a little extra time and adjusting the tape if you need to.

6. Once you like how it looks, flip it over and tape over the seams with the heavy duty packaging tape.  Try to bring the tape as close to the edges as possible.

7. Finally you hang it on the wall – you can use any wall mount adhesive like the 3M poster mounting strips (this is the stuff that won’t damage your walls when you take it down).  Since I hung my “wallpaper” on an old ugly basement wall for an organizing project, I just used loops of the packaging tape to hang it.

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Brooke Campbell
11 years ago

This looks like a great project for me and my seven year old niece. I just looked up homemade crafts and also found out that you can make your own wallpaper paste from cornstarch. Have you ever tried doing that? Although I think just hanging it would probably be a lot easier 🙂