In October, challenged all of our readers to submit their old cell phones to the Verizon Wiresless’ HopeLine program. The long-running program collects no-longer-used phones and cell phone equipment to be refurbished and recycled. The refurbished phones are sold and the funds are used to provide wireless phones and airtime to domestic violence survivors. This year, Verizon Wireless was able to donate $100,000 to domestic violence organizations in Michigan.

Verizon's HopeLine program donated $100,000 to domestic violence organizations.

Since the inception of the HopeLine program, Verizon Wireless has collected more than 7,000,000 phones and distributed more than 90,000 with more than 300,000,000 minutes of free wireless service to domestic violence survivors. Through sales and recycling, Verizon has raised more than $7.0 million in cash grants for domestic violence organizations around the United States.

This year, Verizon Wireless has donated thousands of dollars in phones and airtime to domestic violence agencies statewide for use by survivors. The selected organizations were awarded $5,000 at five different Verizon Wireless stores around the state. The organizations receiving HopeLine grants from Verizon Wireless are EVE(Ending Violent Encounters) in Lansing, Looking For My Sister in Detroit, LA CASA in Howell, Safe Haven Ministries in Grand Rapids, and the YWCA of Greater Flint.

There is an environmental factor at play as well. Phones that cannot be refurbished are recycled in an environmentally sound way. Through HopeLine’s recycling efforts, more than 200 tons of electronics waste and batteries have been kept out of landfills.

A lot of focus is on the HopeLine program in October because it is Domestic Violence Awareness month, however, the collection of used phones goes on throughout the year.

For more information on the Verizon Wireless HopeLine program, visit the HopeLine website.

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