My son LOVED the HexBug Nano!  He has had it for four days and still plays with it the minute he gets home from school.

The first day he laughed and laughed at it – he kept saying it was so quick.    First he put the habitat together (which clicked together really easily) and then switched the bug on and it took off.  It goes around the habitat and sometimes takes the loop on the edge of the habitat.  He counted the number of times it went through loop.  The little bug vibrates back and forth which makes it move.  He put in under his shirt to tickle himself.   After a while he found other things around the house to make it climb through – like an empty paper towel tube.  He also set up a tunnel and village made out of dominos and had the bug crash through.

Later that first night he was studying the package and he noticed the website – so we visited the website where he promptly figured out that you could upgrade the habitat with more structures, tracks and bridges.  The Bridge Battle Set is now on his list for Santa.

He said his favorite things about the Hex Bug Nano were that it was really fun to play with and he likes the design on the back of the bug.  There wasn’t anything that he didn’t like about it!

I thought it was a great little toy. It has kept his attention longer than a lot of other toys.   It seems to bring out his curiosity on other ways to use it – the tube and dominos, and which kinds of surfaces it will work on.  The bug’s movements are random and he tries to figure out which way it will go next.

I would recommend it for other boys his age (age 6).   I thought it was really cute and fun.  Plus the prices are decent.

Disclosure:  The Hex Bug Nano was given to me to review.  All opinions are mine and not influenced by anyone or anything.

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Heidi Helene
12 years ago

These look like a lot of fun!