Blog World Expo was by far my favorite conference yet.  Mind you I have only attended BlogHer the last two years, which is a huge conference where mostly women bloggers attend, so I might not be as seasoned when it comes to conferences, but I do know a good vibe and BWE had it!

Blog World Expo is quite larger that BlogHer at around 6000 attendees, so it’s probably not the best conference for new bloggers or people that get overwhelmed easily.  If you are outgoing and have a nice group of friends to hang out with in Sin City like I had, you really will enjoy yourself!

I got to reconnect with old friends and finally meet some of my online crushes in real life.  I say crushes because these are bloggers that, to me, are celebrities in the online world and people that I have always wanted to meet.  I socialized my arse off and enjoyed every minute of it!

One of my favorite moments over the Blog World Expo weekend was going to the Minus5 Ice Bar.  Everything in the bar is made of ice!  The walls, the bar, the sculptors, the seats and tables and even the glasses!  I ordered the apple drink special and it was so good!  You have to hold the glass with two hands and be quite careful.  What an experience!

My great friend Zippy Sandler was the one that set up the experience for us and it’s one I’ll never forget!  Oh, and don’t worry about freezing when you are in the ice bar… they provide you with a large coat, boots and gloves as a part of the package.  I’ll never forget the experience and the  friends that came along!  I was there with Britt, Katja, Kasandria, Zippy and Anna.

So, if you are headed to Vegas and want to experience something different than slot machines, great food and a typical show… head over to the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino and get your chill on at the Minus5 Ice Lounge!

I was invited to the Minus5 Ice Bar at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino and our experience was comped.  All opinions are mine and not influenced by anyone or anything.

Detroit Mommies Expert Contributor
Courtney is the traveling mom! She has 3 girls and is the founder of Detroit Mommies and currently lives in Florida. You can follow her on Twitter @courtneyRVL.
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12 years ago

IT was a great night! I’m so glad I met you! Your an amazing person!