My sister came to visit from Omaha during the week of her birthday and only stayed Tues-Sat, so we decided we would have a girls night out the Friday night before she was to fly back home.

I gave her a few options… the new organic restaurant Mind, Body and Spirit, the Fieldstone Winery or the Rochester Mills Beer Company.  We ended up deciding on the Rochester Mills Beer Co. because we were both craving a nice draft beer and the Rochester Red has been calling my name ever since my last GNO to the brewery.

The evening was a gorgeous one with a slight breeze, yet not cool enough to cause a chill.  We decided sitting outside would make a splendid choice and our seating decision was right on the money.

I already knew which beer I was going to choose, but my entree choice left me questioning every menu item because my stomach was empty and everything sounded scrumptious.  I was having a wretched time deciding, so I went with the entree that went with my choice of beer… the fish tacos.  By the way,  my mouth is watering as I remember the cilantro salsa and ranch-like sauce that I poured over the mounds of Mahi Mahi and cabbage that was squeezed between the thin corn tortilla.  I seriously just caught myself from drooling on the paper I’m writing this post on…they were THAT good!

After dinner we decided to stop by Fieldstone Winery to grab a glass of wine, but to our dismay the winery closes at 9 pm on Friday evenings, so we made our way over to Gus O’Connors.

The Irish Pub wasn’t packed, which was a good thing because it was already pretty warm inside.  We grabbed a beer and then sat down at a table.  After the one beer we were missing the tasty beer from the Rochester Mills Beer Co. and the refreshing outdoor atmosphere, so we decided to head back.  Also, my car was still there and they usually have a band that plays on the weekends, so it sounded like a nice way to end the evening.

Well, I spoke too soon because there were so many things wrong with going back to the brewery.  The first thing was the smoke.  It was burning my eyes so bad that I could hardly see…I’m not exaggerating in the least.  Second thing was the band.  They were SO bad!  And, the third thing that I feel is in such bad taste was the name of one of the micro brews that Rochester Mills Beer Co. had on tap… Amber Alert.

I could not believe it!  An Amber Alert is one of the most horrific, heart wrenching alerts that could possibly exist and they named a beer after it!?  Bad taste indeed!

So, will I ever go back to Rochester Mills Beer Co….you bet!  Will I ever order the the Amber Alert?  NO WAY!  And, will I ever step foot inside the restaurant while there is smoking allowed?  Probably not.

I will sit in the outdoor patio, I will order the Rochester Red and the fish tacos, but I will not eat, drink or listen to music inside the brewery and I will suggest they rename the beer they call Amber Alert and that they move the smokers outside and get them some heat lamps to huddle under during the winter months.  Oh… and I feel very sorry for the wait staff.  To have to work in those smokey conditions is horrendous and horrible for their health!

Courtney is the ultimate multitasking mom!  She runs  three blogs Giftfully Simple, The Digital Mommy and Detroit Mommies , is a Social Media Marketing Consultant and has 3 girls under 6 years old.  Courtney is the founder of Detroit Mommies.  You can follow her on Twitter @theappleofmyeye.

Detroit Mommies Expert Contributor
Courtney is the traveling mom! She has 3 girls and is the founder of Detroit Mommies and currently lives in Florida. You can follow her on Twitter @courtneyRVL.
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